Monday, March 7, 2011

We got blown over to San Diego!

There was a pile of wind blowing in the desert last night… I woke up around 4:00 this morning, and it kept me awake for a while… finally back to sleep, but up at 6:30 when it really started to blow!  I decided to go outside and take down our satellite equipment before it got blown down!  It actually hung in there pretty good and I got it all dismantled without any incidents!

We had the wagons all lined up and the big wheels rolling by 8:30 after enjoying breakfast in the desert and watching all the sand blow around…


The clouds were a little ominous over the mountains…


We decided to head up to the mountain Town of Julian and then onwards to San Diego.  Total trip today was 99.9 miles according to Lola.  I must say, as we headed through the mountain passes, we have never driven in such head winds since we started to this… it was incredible!  The Motor Home was a rockin…


There is a piece of dessert between the two mountain passes and guess what we found… it wasn’t even raining but there was this incredible rainbow… you could see both ends of it!  Sorry, no pot of gold was found…


We made the 4,000 foot climb up to Julian, and what a contrast when you get into the trees!


Yes, we got the motorhome and the Jeep and the Burgman all dirty today, as it was raining on the top of the mountain…


On the other side of Julian, we picked up Interstate 8 and coasted into San Diego, as it is about 25 miles all down hill!   On the way in we got a phone call from Brian at Jack Orr’s Auto Body and he told us all the parts arrived for our Jeep and asked when we could bring it in!  No Problem, we stopped and un-hooked the Jeep and left it for them… hopefully if all is well, we will get it back on Tuesday afternoon.

We continued with me driving the Motor Home, and Judy driving the Burgman, and made it over to Mission Bay RV Park, right on the Pacific Ocean.  Nice spot.  It was overcast this afternoon as we set up, and Judy took care of a boat load of desert laundry! 


Fancy trees in our park.


Looking over Mission Bay…


Birds of Paradise… one of Judy’s favourite flowers…


This is our setup at Mission Bay… yup, got the Shaw Direct Dish up for the big game tomorrow night!   We have reserved for 2 days, and then may head up to Carls Bad, on the Ocean…


Weather is supposed to improve over the next few days… up maybe to the 80’s… here is hoping!

Till tomorrow…


  1. safe landing after a windy drive!!..way to hang onto the steering wheel, John!!!

  2. Silly, I know, but my favorite kind of weather. Looks like a gorgeous day!

  3. Wow! You were brave to drive up to Julien in all that wind. Glad to hear you made it safely to a pretty nice looking RV park. Sure fast work on getting all the parts for your Jeep, that's great news.

  4. Must be something about the configuration of hills, mountains & weather patterns on that scenic winding stretch up to Julian because I caught a rainbow on that same stretch of road a couple years ago....& it wasn't raining either. We have never been to Julian when the weather was nice:((

  5. That wind was something else! Glad to see you mad it safe and sound. Looking forward to hearing about your park places and that area as we are considering going that way.