Sunday, March 20, 2011

It almost rained!

When I woke up and looked out this morning, there was no sun!  This is not normal around these parts!  It remained overcast all day.  Temperature was about a pleasant 70 to 75 degrees…

We went outside last evening to check out the “Super Moon”… but there was a bit of light cloud cover so it was very hazy but it was bright…


As it was Sunday, we arranged to meet the group over at the London Bridge Swap Meet.  Judy wanted to buy this parrot but I had to tell he “NO”, as he would not get along with Patra…


Check out my nice new AZ hat…


This afternoon after the swap meet, we headed over to visit Doug and Ann, the couple who lead the Jeep Tour yesterday… had a great visit.  They have a great back yard with Az. type landscaping.


We sat out on the patio… it was later in the afternoon and was starting to cool off just a bit…


We all decided to head over to the Lake for dinner at a place called the “Sandbar” which is a hamburger joint, but they closed up due to not enough business this afternoon.   Doug and David picked up a couple dates while they were there…



They have a unique table made out of a surf board…


They may have used this boat below at one time for customers… but not now!


We ended up over at Pizza Hut and still had a great time… thanks to David and Angela who picked up the bill for dinner tonight… silly people!  David and Angela have been here just a week, and they like it so much they bought a condo!  Tomorrow we are all going to give it the big tour…

Till tomorrow…


  1. seems strange not to see blue sky and puffy clouds in your pictures today!..another great day with friends!

  2. Another great day at Lake Havasu for you! Wow! White skies here too, very dull. We hope this all blows away and back to blue skies. Nice hat. Arr matey parrot.

  3. I like the patio scene...looks so restful and companionable. Watch of for those wild women at the restaurant!!

  4. Another great day even with overcast skies!

    Nice hat too.

    What's the matter with you John that you couldn't get a 'hot date'??