Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Let’s do San Diego!

San Diego probably has the BEST weather overall, anywhere in the United States or Canada, day over day, all year long.  It is a very moderate climate and seems to be stuck around 75 degrees F. all the time, 25 to 28 for you Canuks living your life with the metric system.

Today was no exception… simply a beautiful day with lots of sun and very little wind.  We enjoyed our morning catching up on computer stuff and had a great skype call with Kristina in Woodstock… she of course is very busy these days growing a baby!  That is a full time job!

We had lots of running around to do so off we went later in the Morning on the Burgman.  I wanted to track down a propeller for my airplane, and found a great store, but was advised to buy one on line from the manufacturer to make sure I got the right one. 

We wanted to look for an air deflector for the front of the Jeep and I found a spot online, but it turned out to be a head office internet company with no retail outlet.  Oh well…

Next we were off to a mall downtown San Diego to find some cosmetics for Judy.

This was a neat mall with a twist… in San Diego with the great weather, the mall is an outside mall!  I loved it!  You walked up and down the isles outside in the sun just as if you were in a mall…


This mall has Macy’s, and J.C. Penny and other major anchors… we also enjoyed lunch outside in the foot court!


Brian at Jack Orr’s Auto Body called us and they had our Jeep all finished and ready to go.  They did a great job and washed and cleaned the Jeep out to boot!  Thanks Brian!

The other day while we were up in Borrego Springs Judy took some flower pictures that I overlooked to put in the blog for some reason…


These looked like they need another day of so of warm weather to fully bloom…


and a nice desert lily… to finish off…


So our plan tomorrow is to pack up and head up the coast of the Pacific Ocean and try to find a spot to camp out on the Ocean!   The weather forecast looks great for doing this…

It is a challenge to get a Shaw Direct TV signal here in San Diego, but I did get enough of one to watch my Leafs lose in OT… oh well, we did get a point!

Till tomorrow…


  1. looks like a lovely mall with a 'blue roof'!!..enjoy camping by the ocean!!!

  2. Glad you remembered to post those flower pictures...beautiful. The mall looks like a nice place to shop. I think you must be enjoying the only good weather in the western half of the USA. Hope you find a good beach location tomorrow.

  3. I have always heard that San Diego had the best climate in the States & those 75F temps are perfect for me. If I was forced to live in a very large city somewhere I would probably chose San Diego even though I have never been there. Maybe next time we are in Borrego Springs we'll 'pop' over the mountains & have us a look see:))

  4. San Diego is a nice city for sure. Have you been over the big bridge to have a look at the Coronado Hotel? It's spectacular and worth a visit if you've never seen it.

    Nice pics today and hope you find a great spot on the ocean for camping.

    Also, if you head of the Coast, you'll probably go right by the San Juan Capistrano Mission - another interesting spot.

  5. It is a great place to visit, but I doubt I would enjoy living there. Thanks for the tour.