Thursday, March 10, 2011

Life is a “Beach”…

We have lucked out and probably picked on of the nicest days to spend on the Pacific Ocean here at Carlsbad… Carlsbad is BAD!  What a spot…

This little guy was sucking in the California sun this afternoon…


The surfers were in paradise…  the same six guys out surfing yesterday all day… were back again today all day!  Life in California!


This is our RV from the beach… we took a 1 1/2 hour walk this afternoon and I snapped this shot.  Sure looks like we are camped out on a pile of sand!


Same shot as above, but with less zoom… looks like we are all alone on the edge of the Pacific!


All of the bluffs you see here are part of the South Carlsbad Camp Ground… they have probably close to 2 miles of waterfront for the park, and it is all in campsites.  Don’t know where the rocks came from… some one brought them here I think… everything else is sand!


The picture below is a maintenance building which is part of this park.   I don’t think it will be there much longer, as you can see how the sand has eroded right up to the building… one big rain and … who knows!


I did get some work done today, I installed the rock/bug deflector on the Jeep, and fixed a broken light on the back of the Jeep… we lost the break/signal light the other day and it took me a couple hours tracking that problem down… life on the road!

Off to Lake Havasu in Arizona tomorrow… will meet up with good friends David and Angela from Bracebridge, which is very close to the Center of the Universe!

Till tomorrow…


  1. what a fabulous campsite you have!..anyone else there?? looks like you are all by yourselves!??

  2. A little piece of paradise there in Carlsbad for sure. Must be a great sunset view!

    Safe travels on your way to Lake Havasu!

  3. What a great place to stay for a few days.