Monday, March 21, 2011

Getting around Lake Havasu…

I have talked about this City not being that old, as it was developed in the early 1970s… however as you get to drive around it a bit, the roads are all over the place and it is not real easy to get around the City… go figure… Doug, who has been a resident here for a number of years explains it as being the City was designed around the washes… and he is probably right…

Today we spent the entire day supporting David and Angela on their recent Condo purchase.  They had to do a bunch of stuff today so we supplied the wheels and support… First thing this morning was to meet the home inspector at the property for the inspection…  Here is David and Angela in front of the unity they purchased… on the second floor.



The complex has a great pool and hot tub.  Sign me up!


Has a nice living room with a view below…


this is the view from the living room window… you can see Lake Havasu in the distance…



After the inspection, we were all over Lake Havasu visiting Banks, Lowes Hardware, Cabinet stores, Tile stores, you name it, as they want to have some work done to spruce the unit up when it closes.  

Today was windy and moderate in temperature, around 75 degrees… not bad, but there was no airplane flying going on with the wind up!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Looks like a nice place - great pool!

    You had it better than us temperature wise - it was only 55F here today! Boo!!

  2. We want to spend more time exploring the Havasu area. We cruised right by it this past winter. We will make more time to scout it out next winter though.

    Your recent posts have whetted our appetite to spend a bit more time there.

  3. looks like a nice condo!..congrats to the happy purchasers!!

  4. I think about 40% of my clients are Canadians buying condos. I sold two of them for $28,000 each to a brother and sister from Thunder Bay. I have clients from Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto and a bunch of smaller towns. I tell people that Arizona is Canada's 11th province.