Sunday, March 13, 2011

“Fly… Baby Fly"

Yes, the new plane flies!   First flight was made today, March 12, 2011, and it actually came back down to earth and landed… 3 times!  

So Judy took this first picture below, to at least have a picture of me holding the plane while it was still in one piece!   Silly girl…


We went for a little drive around the Island we are staying on here at Lake Havasu, and found an ideal parking lot with no cars… we actually met Denis from Alberta who was there flying his planes!  Now, the first go around with the new plane was not so good, as by mistake I had the direction of my rudder reversed on my transmitter, so when I told the plane to zig, it actually zagged… not good with a bit of a crash, but not too bad… went back to the RV for some minor repairs, and Judy kicked my butt, and told me to get back on the horse and ride… ouch… she can be tough at times!  


So off we went, and my Super Cub flew like a bird!  I actually made 3 flight of about 3 minutes each in duration, and 3 great landings… then I called it a day, as I wanted to go home with the plane in 1 piece!  What a blast!


After supper, it was so nice here we walked down to the beach as I wanted to fly the helicopter tonight… perfect conditions… check out the great picture Judy took of the helicopter over the beach of Lake Havasu!


This morning we were driving around Town and just happened upon the weekly Swap Meet, most towns in the south west have them, and this was a good one… maybe it was the great weather!


Judy was checking out the booths… bought a few items that may come in handy one day!


We did some more touring around and found some nice pictures of the Town…


This guy had the biggest motor in this little boat and it sounded like a drag racer…


They built a few of these… more for effect I think…


This week starts “Spring Break” for many deserving College and University Students… they were having fun…


Lots of boats around… no recession here…


Where ever I go, there is one of these… it seems…


Check out the picture below… no, not the pretty girl on the boat… that is the London Bridge you are looking at! 


Lake Havasu City bought the Bridge from the City of London, and moved it here… piece by piece!


Here is the scoop on the bridge…


While we were touring the Island we are staying on, we went in this new gated community, and check out the house… look at the garage… that would be to put the RV in of course… each house has one of these, plus the regular garage!


Busy day overall, and we had a blast! 

Till tomorrow…


  1. nice day at Lake Havasu!!..great the helicopter one!!!

  2. Really enjoyed the photos of Lake Havasu - what a LOT of boats. The sunset shot of the helicopter is great...looks like a real one.

  3. Great shots of Havasu - we saw some of those houses and some monster ones. WE also saw a summer picture of boats on the lake - WAY too many!!!!

  4. OMG! You'll be flying Jumbo Jets soon!

    That is a great picture Judy took of your helicopter over Lake Havasu - it looks real!

    Looks like Lake Havasu is a real happening place this week!

  5. Interesting that you where able to solo without any ground courses.......I see you had some back up planes at your feet.
    Sorry about sending you a repeat on Franks take to getting gas prices down...that guy has to much time on his hands...currently at Midland texas at the Super Walmart Rv Resort..tomorrow Terrell Texas...I hope