Sunday, March 6, 2011

Playing in the “Sandbox”…

The Anza Borrego State Park never stops amazing us… what a place this is… life in a sandbox… warning.. this blog may be a little longer than you want to read!

Today was another warm, no, hot… sunny day!  We decided to take a Jeep Tour first thing this morning as we are going to leave here tomorrow… and we could not leave without going out to Font’s Point!  

We wanted to go on this tour last year, but we couldn’t as we had only the motorcycles… not this year!   This is only 4 miles out to the point, but it is in very loose sand at spots so you need a 4 wheel drive vehicle…


Lots of rolling type hills on the way out…


The odd ocotillo got in our way, but we breezed by…


We made the 4 miles, and noticed the warning… and for good reason!


We are up around 1500 feet from the desert floor, but the view is … WOW…


The view cannot be told in these pictures, you all have to come out here and see this to believe it!

These are known as the “bad lands”…


Great spot…


This shot looks back at the Clark Dry Lake Bed, where we are staying…


So Judy is standing about 3 feet from a sheer 1,000 foot drop, and I kind of start freaking out… and it all goes down hill from there… small marital spat ensues… and it ends I think with me saying something like “it’s your life…”


We carried on from Font’s Point up “Short Wash”… what a great ride… we put the Liberty through it’s paces today…


We headed out to another Vista Point which was fantastic as well…


Our faithful Liberty parked in the Bad lands…


We worked our way along the wash almost to Ocotillo Wells… about 15 miles or so…  We came across Truckhaven… which was the big 4X4 event going on this weekend… there were lots of them and they had a blast playing in the sand…

A big obstacle course was set up for them to play on with the Jeeps…


This was part of the hard course…


This guy hung up his $45,000 Rubicon… yikes… guys like to play with the toys…


Everybody was getting in on the action… ya, the spectators just kind of stood wherever…


They had some big hills to climb…


Judy and I climbed a hill, and then the fun began as we were in the heat of the action…


The girls got in on the action as this “Blond Bomber” got her fancy 4 wheeler into overdrive!


This was and incredible climb, and many got hung up on this, just like we did in Rattlesnake Canyon!


We had a great time watching for an hour or so and then it was back home…

We had to take the RV into the State Park Camping Ground this afternoon and for $8.00 we got to dump our holding tanks after 6 full days of use… they were ready!

I went back to Town with the Jeep to the carwash and got 3 days of dust off the Jeep so it is ready for the trip to San Diego to get all fixed up again!

This afternoon, we replaced all the broken parts off of our Blue Ox tow package, which included a new light switch, a rubber boot, and the new Break switch!  All is good again and ready to travel!

Off to San Diego!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Now, that's an exciting day.

  2. Great post! I never knew there were badlands down in that area - thanks for the tip. All I need now is a Jeep to get there!

    That looks like quite the Jeep rally.

    Great day in the boonies!

  3. We did part of that Badlands Jeep tour last year but unfortunately we were stuffed in the back seat of a Wrangler TJ instead of driving one. Borrego Springs is definately the place to be for Jeeping.

  4. I can see why they are called Badlands...not a place to go wandering around. I always wonder if people tried to travel through those areas in centuries past and how many actually made it out. I think RVs and Jeeps are a big improvement over covered wagons and burros and horses.

  5. Wow! What a fun day that must have been! Isn't this lifestyle great!

  6. wow..another great jeep day!!..thanks for the tour..our line is...'just a few steps back dear!' small step and a big drop!..just kidding of the shot of the badlands!!