Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick’s Day…

Another green day has come and almost gone… lots of people in this area were dressed for the day.

We started off by meeting up with our group and we headed south to Lake Havasu State Park for a bit of a hike on what is known as “Sarah’s Mountain Crack Trail”  It was a great day (again…) for a hike so off we went.  Very nice hiking area…


Some lovely mountains loomed in the background… no we did not climb them…


Angela and David were all primed up for it…


It was only about a mile back to where the canyon started…


Judy found this hole/cave in the mountain, and we couldn’t find the bottom?????


There are a lot of these natural bridges back here…


Erosion has done a lot of work also in this canyon as evidenced by this cave…


This trail brought back memories of when I did a similar hike with Rick and Jeanette back when we were at Desert Hot Springs…


I was the first down in, and Angela and Judy were soon to follow… David could not do this part due to recent surgery on his arm…


This is a real neat canyon hike…


We got to the very bottom of the canyon, and hit water… it was about 10 feet long, and about 18 inches deep, and this guy thought he might be able to climb over it… he would of, but his Father with him would not so he gave up.


So we started to head our way back up to the group… if we had kept going, 1 more mile and we would have hit Lake Havasu… also, for Rick over in Desert Hot Springs, I found lovely white golf shirt I am wearing below, at a store called Labels… and it was $3.00 so I bought myself a whole wardrobe of them! 


It was a bit of a tight fit in places to make it through…


Over the years as Judy and I have done a bunch of crazy stuff, we always kid each other that I married the “Sport Model”… here she is showing off her hand over hand rock climbing ability!  It was about 15 feet up on the rope…


The guy who climbed the water took this picture for us of our group…


Next we were off for the Parker Dam.  It is just south of Lake Havasu on the Colorado River, but we had to stop at a Mexican Restaurant and have lunch first.  Two California State Patrol Officers came in to have lunch here in AZ. as they said it was great food.   They were very nice and we had a great talk with them… we were talking about the poor financial status of the State of California, and one of the Officers invited us to come over to California this afternoon, speed down the highway so he could charge me with speeding, and help him also meet his “quota” for the day… and one more ticket and he would hit his bonus for the day which was “steak knives…”  funny guy!


The big yellow thing is a crane, that opens the runway doors so water can go and hit the turbines and generate electricity.


We continued south to the Town of Parker along the California side, and found lots of neat RV parks that were right on the Colorado River…


After some shopping in Parker, we headed home and Judy and I took a side bar trip on a Jeep Road back to a wild life preserve… lots of neat mountains back there…


Very nice country around here, you all have to come one day!


So it was a big day out, and we had a great time… made it back to go and fly my plane for an hour… yes, it is still in 1 piece… and then watch my Leaf’s lose… oh dear…

Till tomorrow…


  1. oh dear..the canucks are at over 100 points..just thought I would throw that out there!..happy saint paddy's day to you all!..looks like you had a great hike today!!

  2. Happy St Patricks Day to both of you! I hope you were not too hot on your hike - its stifling down here in Ajo. We saw a turn off the highway in Yuma to the model airplane strip! Might have to put that on your list, John.

  3. That was quite a day - great pictures! That hike did remind me of our day at the Painted Canyon only thankfully we had ladders and not ropes - I would probably have slipped and hanged myself!

    Nice shirts - $3, what a deal!! I would have gone for that for sure.

  4. Liked that hike part of your day for sure. Just love those kinds of places where you can get out & do some rock scrambling & be surrounded by great scenery. 'Sporty' looks pretty agile going up that rope alright. So great to have a partner interested in the same great outdoor things too. I am extrememly fortunate in that department as well:))

  5. Looks like you had a great day hiking, I loved the tour, thanks for sharing.