Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It gets “no better than this”…

WOW… is all I can say… it get’s no better than this, that is for sure… we woke up this morning and enjoyed breakfast is San Diego is nice sunshine and wonderful temperatures… We had to pack up, as we wanted to head up to Carlsbad, as all our business was done in San Diego, other than first this this morning, I drove out to the western part of San Diego, known as El Cajon (pronounced El Cahon…) to pick up a new Air/Rock/Bug Deflector for our Jeep… too me a little over 1/2 an hour and Judy and Patra guarded the RV down at Mission Bay Park…


Our Camp site was just on the other side of the water…


Birds love it here down south… nice and warm and lots to eat…


Mission Bay is a great spot and we will be back!


Judy thinks these are some kind of an “aster” and they are all over the place and are “bright”!


We drove the 30 miles up to Carlsbad and found us an excellent camp site right on the “PACIFIC OCEAN”  can you believe it???   Crazy…  We love it!   First thing I did was do as everyone else does and put your lawn chair up on the picnic table and view the ocean…  the sites are a little expensive, $50.00 per night, with no services… but it is worth it!  Everyone must do this at least once in their lives…  We will stay tonight and all day tomorrow, and then tomorrow night as well, and will leave for Lake Havasu on Friday!


Check out the cool bug/stone deflector we got for the Jeep… it hides a dent from the bike incident, so “don’t tell anyone… we may want to sell this vehicle one day… who knows???”  


My Magellan GPS tells me we are 89 feet above sea level, and Judy walked down the stairs to the ocean and took these following pictures…

Yup, that me waving…


what a day…


That big white blob in the middle of the picture below is our home!  We had to sit on the picnic table to see over the fence on the sites, as they do not want you walking down the cliff… it is all sand the they are concerned about erosion! 


Many people do not pay attention to the sign below, and will lose their lives from the Rip Currents… it happens all the time here!  This is why my lily white toes will not be touching the water!


Even Patra got into the action on the ocean today…


Took these for our son in law, Chris, back in Waterloo… right from my seat… 6 guys spent the afternoon surfing on the Ocean… gotta love it!


A double…


This pelican was looking for dinner… he got it!


Everywhere I go helicopters follow me…


This is a little distant below, but a school of four dolphins swam by our camp site… that doesn't happen every day when we are out camping…


Judy was walking down the stairs to take pictures looking up…


Ya, this was the view looking south from my chair this afternoon… the couple next to us, are from B.C.



This little guy showed up, and Patra gave him a run for his money!


Looking north towards Camp Pendleton  and on to L.A.


We tricked our neighbour from B.C. to take our picture from our perch… a room with a view!


sorry, can’t help it, it is in my blood…


Go figure the picture below would be the last one of the day!  Sorry about the amount of pictures tonight… had to do it!


Enough is enough tonight, so let’s try again tomorrow…

Till tomorrow…


  1. WOW and DOUBLE WOW! Looks like San Diego and Carlsbad are some very good places to visit. Sounds like you have better weather than just about anyone else right now. LOVED all the photos. Travel safe.

  2. You two are certainly adapting well to the RV lifestyle! What a beautiful sunset photo!

  3. You are absolutely right. On days like you and Judy just had, it doesn’t get any better! Love your ‘perch’ overlooking the Pacific Ocean too.

    Lots of great pictures tonight. The ones of the beaches were especially good.

    I think those helicopter pilots had heard about you and were just checking you out in case you decided to launch a sneak attack with your P-47.

  4. Nice spot along the Pacific. There are plenty of these going northward on the 101. When you get the chance to drive north from there, some day - say towards Oregon, Washington State and British Columbia - you will be impressed with the natural beauty and the great camping spots all along the coast.

    Very nice photos indeed!!!

  5. what a great perch!..and a perfect view too..boy, you and the Bayfield Bunch have got perfection sites!!!