Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami Warning!!!

We were up early this morning, another beautiful one, getting ready to hit the road.  A park vehicle was driving up the beach, below me and I could hear him on his loud speaker warning everyone on the beach of a “Tsunami Warning”.  It was a four hour warning, and believe it or not, people listened to him and left the beach… including all the surfers! 

Judy and I have good Friends, Debbie and Gerard that are in Hawaii at the current time… we were very concerned about them as we heard they were to be hit, and in fact had been hit by the Tsunami… thankfully, they are both OK!  They had to evacuate their cottage, and ended up spending the night in their rented Mustang Convertible… yikes, what a way to spend the night.  You can read about their night at  The Kraemers in Hawaii

We had a fire on Thursday evening, and it was a rip roaring one…


We had a fly by this morning, but these guys didn’t seem to care about the Tsunami warning…


We were on the road at 8:30 this morning and check out the black clouds coming in from the ocean in the picture below… as we got near the front gate, there was a large group of people and Paramedic setting up for a Tsunami Watch…


We headed north for Temecula, and got behind this transport truck that was slowing down traffic due to the black smoke coming out of his engine… where are the smog police when you need them… and in California no less…


We headed up Highway 15 towards Barstow, and the hills are full of Jeep trails in that area… Yes, Judy was our photographer today from the co-pilot seat of the RV.


We had a little over 300 miles to go today, much more than we normally do, but we wanted to stay at Carlsbad as long as we could!   Below, we hit the mighty Colorado River that means we are entering Arizona, and only 2 hours behind everyone back east…


We came across Highway 40 and had to turn south on the 95 to hit Lake Havasu.  Neat rocks and mountains along this route…


If you look hard at the centre of the picture below, you will get a peek of “The London Bridge” in downtown Lake Havasu… looks neat!


We drove across the London Bridge with the RV and everything we own!   Lots of British Flags on the Bridge.  We got set up at the Crazy Horse RV Park, however I had big problems setting up our usually reliable satellite internet tonight… will try again tomorrow… had to buy park internet tonight to do the blog, but you are all worth it!


So while we were in Temecula today, I wanted to stop at HobyTown USA and pick up a new propeller for my P-47.   While I was there I decided to add another member to the growing fleet, a new “Super Cub” trainer…  As they say, “you have to learn how to crawl, before you walk” I need to crawl… The P-47 was not really a starter plane, and I am humbled to learn that I am a novice at this hobby… this new plane will help me crawl… (I hope…)  This is just a picture off the box…


This will show you the relative size  of the plane to a human…


That is about it for tonight.

We are glad Deb and Gerard are OK in Hawaii, and we pray for the people in Japan who have to deal with a major disaster.

Welcome to Ceipui, our newest Blog Follower, welcome aboard!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Hmm...... I had this picture this morning of you and Judy sitting on your 'perch' overlooking the Pacific Ocean waiting to get a perfect shot of the Tsunami! Glad you got out of Dodge!

    Another airplane? You are going to have your own airforce pretty soon.

  2. Glad it was a safe drive. Lake Havasu is very nice.
    Canada AM was showing a warning through all the coastal areas of BC. That RV park looked very nice.

  3. glad you made it out okay and your friends in Hawaii are safe also!..nice photos riding shot gun today Judy!!..enjoy Lake Havasu!!