Friday, March 4, 2011

Off to San Diego…

When the light shines in at 6:15 a.m. in the morning, I  get up… why is that???   It was a beautiful day today at Borrego Springs with great temperatures in the high 70’s and lots of sun again!

We were on the road early at 8:30, well, for us anyways, and headed for San Diego!  We had to head across the mountains to Julian, and then on to San Diego… here are a few pics from the trip up to Julian, which is about 3,700 feet up…

It is about 1 1/2 hours to San Diego, and yes, that is a hint of snow you see up there…


It is a real nice drive, and yup, we ran into a lot more snow… none on the roads though, which was a good thing…


We came out of the mountains, and finally, hit San Diego, and the beach!  Hardly anyone on the beach today, and some had their winter coats on… go figure…


We hit the Ocean at Mission Bay, right near Sea World.  It is a neat little Beach with lots of little stores…


Dude was out hanging “10”…


The road stopped here, or you would have been in the Pacific Ocean…


They have a great road, right along the Ocean, and walkers and bicycles only please!  Gonna bring back my roller blades…


What a great beach… we brought our bag lunch and enjoyed it right on the Ocean… you don’t get to do that every day!


One reason we went to San Diego, was to find a Blue Ox Dealership, as we had a couple parts broken and missing from the bike incident.   San Diego Trailer Supply had every thing we needed, a new break away switch, a new 5 pin plug, and a new rubber boot for our Blue Ox Hitch, all for only $30.00!   In Ontario, it would have taken a week to find any of these parts and who know for how much????

The guy was so good at the store, he referred us to Jack Orr’s Auto Body, and we went over to meet Brian the owner.  He looked at our Jeep, and gave us a price of under $500.00 to replace the front bumper and lights that are broken!   Great, don’t have to go to the Insurance Company after all!  He will order these parts and install them early next week! 

Back home to Borrego Springs we went with a stop at the Vista in Julian, about 35 miles from home… check out the view, the Salton Sea is at the top!


Made a quick stop in Julian, to pick up some tarts and a cinnamon roll!   Great little Town…


Yes, an elephant is bigger than a Jeep, here we are back at Borrego Springs checking out the steel art in the Desert… we blogged about this last year!


Just another great day in the desert!   Enjoyed a nice phone call from my Mother up in Orillia, Ontario… rained there today, on top of all the snow… that is how to get rid of the snow!

Must say thank you to Ryan and Sara, out latest Blog followers… welcome to RVlifeonwheels!

Till tomorrow…


  1. That is great to hear about how lucky you were with the repairs. Looks like the elephant is racing you!

  2. glad to hear that your bad day of 'accidents' turned into a good one afterall, with minimal costs!..enjoyed the photos of the beach!!..thanks for sharing!

  3. Love that drive from Borrego Springs to Julian with all it's twists & turns. Looks like we both drove the Yaqui Pass yesterday morning with me being maybe a half hour ahead of you. I turned off at Scissors Crossing. One of these days we'll have to do that Ocean drive as well. That Quadretec Jeep site is...

  4. That's a heck of a good deal on your Jeep repairs. If we get to San Diego this year, we'll be sure to check out Mission Bay as it looks like a great spot and a nice little town too. It's a nice drive up to Julien and another great little town.