Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ontario Days at Lake Havasu…

Things are heating up here in Lake Havasu…literally… up over 80 degrees F. today for sure…

Today was Judy’s Birthday, and I decided to give Her a break and let her sleep in while I sneaked out of the RV at 7:30 this morning and headed over to the flying field…while she slept in.

Judy came back over with me this afternoon to the field and took a couple pictures of me flying the Super Cub.  

Received a nice email from Ron and Pat in Orillia, with Ron making some comments on my new fleet of planes… Ron would love it here, as he owned his own plane and loves anything that flies…


Made about 4 or 5 flights today with no major problems, other than one landing that came real close to a guy’s car this morning… 15 guys were out flying this morning, what a great group!  Lots of “airplane” talk going on…


David and Angela made it down to Lake Havasu and David was in fine form this afternoon keeping all of us Ontarians entertained!  He is a funny guy!


Beep Beep came by and tried to crash our party…


Nelson and Ann, and David and Angela rented a nice condo at the south end of Town… it had a great area to sit out on…


Even though it is not Easter, the Bunny showed up for the party!


Angela and David arranged for a nice birthday cake for the Birthday Girl… thanks Guy’s!


And a nice sunset over Lake Havasu as taken from the Condo…


Ontario rules!   From the left is Nelson and Ann from Midland, John and Mary from the Sudbury Region, David and Angela from Bracebridge, and of course John and Judy currently residing in Lake Havasu… Judy did the fancy camera delay thing with Her little Nikon Coolpix…



Just a great afternoon that we really enjoyed… lots of plans for the remainder of the week as well!

Welcome to Doyle and Terri, the latest followers of RVlifeonwheels… the wheels keep turning!

Till tomorrow…


  1. happy happy birthday..looks like a perfect day!!!

  2. Great group shot...you all look like you're enjoying yourselves. Enjoyed the "wildlife" pictures today!!

  3. Looks like lots of fun and great weather to boot! Happy Birthday again to Judy - nice looking birthday cake too.