Thursday, March 3, 2011

Life in the “Windy City”…

No, we have not moved to Detroit… we are still in Borrego Springs… however the wind was blowing a bit today… nothing crazy, but as I write the blog tonight at about 6:00 p.m. there is a very stiff breeze blowing! 

Today we just enjoyed life here, and did a bunch of different things that we wanted to do. 

I was up early this morning, as you tend to go to bed real early here.  I was working on the plane at 6:00 this morning, getting it back into shape!

I have been working on the wings, and they are starting to come… 1 big glue left to do!


You can see where I glued the main body back together… gorilla glue works great!  It is coming and will be back together soon…


Stopped here at this Nature Centre for some info about hiking and stuff… right in Borrego Springs…



Went off to the Anza Borrego State Park Visitor’s Centre next to get a map of the huge park.


They have a real nice cactus garden at the visitor’s centre…


We took the S22 road out of Borrego Springs and climbed a mountain on the road to San Diego.  Here is a great view of the Town in the centre of the picture, and if you are wondering what the white area is on the right, it is a dry lake bed, just not sure which lake… lots of salt in the ground, that is why it is white.  Behind the dry lake bed you can see the Salton Sea. 


When we came off the mountain, and back to reality, we did some grocery shopping and headed home.  These guys came by on these motorcycles and wow… 2 had old Indian Bikes with the stick shifter.   Had to be from the 1940’s… great bikes.


Got all the grub put away, had a quick lunch and then headed out on a Jeep tour.   I wanted to head out to Rock House Canyon.  It started down near the Clark Dry lake bed… had to take a picture of the Jeep on the dry lake…yes, we actually are on the road across the lake…


Found lots of desert flowers in bloom today, just don’t ask me what kind they are… couldn’t tell you…



This was an easy trail to drive, with a few rougher spots along the way, great views of the desert as we headed out about 9 miles…



This ocotillo was in full bloom in the desert.


Just a great day overall, and even better when Al and Kelly dropped by for a visit this afternoon, as our visit to them yesterday.  It was great to see them and as it was a bit windy, we sat in the RV and had a great talk! 

Tomorrow we plan to head over to San Diego for the day… We need a couple pieces for our Blue Ox Towing Equipment that were broken in the Bike incident, so we decided to go over and make a day of it… San Diego is great city… we will bring lunch and eat it on the beach of the Pacific Ocean!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Glad to see you're getting that airplane back together. Next, I guess you'll have to run it through a wind tunnel to check the aerodynamics!

    That trail you drove on didn't look all that easy to me!

  2. We're sure hoping this wind is going to blow itself out of Desert Town USA real soon. Better leave that plane in it's hanger awhile longer.

  3. My husband and I are planning to start living life as one giant RV adventure in less than two years... we'll be working in each town we stop in, but it's wonderful to see so many other people enjoying their lives and living like they were intended to!
    Hope you don't mind my sneaking a peak at your adventures!

  4. another great jeep adventure..looks like the plane will need some time for the 'gorrilla glue to dry'!

  5. A few more crashes like that and your plane with be more glue than anything ;)

    Lovely flowers!

  6. I hear Duck Tape works well......looking forward to hearing how your test flight goes...