Tuesday, March 22, 2011

“Here comes the Sun…”

Yes, our sun came back today, after a few days of lousy weather… well, not that bad I guess, seems all the bad weather  is all around us and we have faired not too bad!

Up and at it at 7:30 and down to the flying field at 8:00 this morning… great day for flying…

Judy snapped a couple pics of the fleet before I left…

The white one on the left is my new one, the Super Cub, and the grey one on the left is my P-47, which I finally have ready to fly again, or so I thought…


Below you see a new tool box I picked up in Lake Havasu yesterday at Lowes… I use it to carry all my airplane stuff to and from the field.  The steel box you see on top of the tool box, belonged to my Father, who used this box to carry his ammunition with him in the 2nd. World War.  I use this box to carry all my batteries,(five of them)  that are made of  Lithium Polymer.  These batteries can be a little unstable during re-charging, so it is nice to have a nice steel boxy to carry them in. 


I wanted to get one of the guys at the flying field to fly my P-47 for me, as I am not quite ready yet, and we had some minor difficulties… during take off as Ron was flying it, the prop actually fell off and as you can imagine this caused some problems, so we will try again tomorrow…

This afternoon I spent most of it fixing a light problem on the back of the Jeep… the tow lights were giving us problems when hooked up to the motorhome, so this is now resolved we hope!

Lots of house work was accomplished today as our friends have all gone away for a couple days on a Grand Canyon Tour.  We also have to get ready to travel as we will leave here this Friday coming… of to Los Vegas to give David and Angela a ride up to the airport.

Till tomorrow…


  1. It sounds to me like you are not only becoming a pilot but an airline mechanic as well. Hope the weather continues to improve this week.

  2. happy fly day!!..you are getting quite the fleet!!..may have to get a bigger motorhome if you keep getting more planes!!

  3. Yes, the prop falling off an aircraft would cause a definite problem alright. Never tried it but I would think flying a model airplane would be a tricky piece of business. No co-pilot along to take over the controls. Right from the start every flight is a solo flight & that's gotta be kind of a tough & sometimes expensive way to learn.