Saturday, March 26, 2011

Yes, we got a DAY OFF!

We got to sleep in a bit this morning, after we got back home from Las Vegas last night and dropping off David and Angela at the airport…

Their flight did not leave till 11:30, the good old red eye… and it was not very busy at the “kiss and fly”…


So once we got some coffee into us this morning, we kind of decided to take life easy and enjoy a day off…  we had to go and find some groceries, so we found the Super Walmart in Pahrump and all was good again for food.

As we are in the State of Nevada, Casino’s rule… even Terribles gets in on the action here…


Check out how they managed to disguise this casino below…


We had lunch and did some RV maintenance and cleaning, then Judy headed for the dreaded laundry mat…(yuck)…  I ducked out and grabbed my Super Cub and headed for the big Dry Lake Bed, just outside Pahrump and went flying!

We are at about 2,700 feet in elevation, so it only got to 60 degrees today, but it was not bad!

Everywhere you go here, you are surrounded by mountains…


This was my flying spot for the day, in the shadows of the mountains… on an un-named dry lake bed.  It was great… a bit of wind but that just made the flying a bit more challenging… no pics of me flying the plane, as I had to camera man!


On the way home I found more mountains… lots of snow as you can tell by the white!  Great spot!


We have decided to leave Pahrump tomorrow morning and drive the RV right into Death Valley… sound pretty dramatic does it not!

Will make a couple day trips from our new base.

Till tomorrow…


  1. hope you friends made it home safe and sound!..enjoy the rest of the weekend!!

  2. I am home and its suppose to be-21 tonight...arrive back at 7am thursday...drove through a snow storm from London to Toronto....7 hrs sleep in the prior 48....My bike looked like it had been sitting in the spray of a waterfall....3 inches of ice....and guess what I neglected to winterize....the night before it was plus 22.....thats what happens when you spend to many hrs behind the wheel.....I am home to early...what was I thinking....I have the furnace going plus An electric ceramic furnace on in the a few prayers.
    Good to hear about your travel


  3. I'm looking forward to hearing about your stay in Death Valley. Have a safe trip.

  4. John and Judy - we're also curious to hear about Death Valley, as we are not sure which way to go north. Are you travelling across back to Ont or up to BC?