Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Paige…


Our second Granddaughter, Paige turns 1 year old tomorrow!  She will celebrate with Family over in the Johnson City area of Tennessee.  Hard to believe she is 1 year old already!

Judy made some arrangements and purchased some toys etc. online and had them delivered to Paige in Tennessee.  She also mailed some other items for Paige… so, don’t forget Paige, you have to move all that stuff to Ottawa soon! 

We had a great Skype conference this afternoon, and Judy snapped a few pictures off of Skype… you have to love technology! One of the items we got here was a blow up type of kids tent that you fill up with plastic balls… she loved it… Emmie is helping her on the left while Dad watches from behind…


The pictures are a little dark, as not everyone has studio lights in their living room… Paige seems a bit lost in all the balls…

Paige 2

Emmie is helping Paige with a few other toys… Jenn and Shawn tell us the weather is great right now in Tennessee with lots of people camping out at Warrior’s State Park where we normally stay… other than a short hail storm today…

Paige 3

Beautiful day here today, I was up and over at the flying field this morning first thing.  Ron managed to fly my P-47 this morning… it was a handful for him, and he is experienced!   I need to practice a bit more yet before I try it again… I took my Super Cub up also, and did not do a proper pre-flight check and some of my controls were messed up because of the the P-47 set up on my computer, and well……………… I kind of crashed!   Oooopppsss.

Heading back home totally depressed this morning, I took stock, and started working on getting my Super Cup back it in the air… by this afternoon, I could not believe my rebuilding skills, and it is almost ready to go again!  Love it!

Took the motorhome over to Express Lube this morning for an oil change… man, were they ever impressed when I showed up with the monster of all motorhomes…  it made it in the bay with about 2 inches to spare, and give them credit, they were the first company to do an oil change without forgetting to put all the stuff back on the engine afterwards!   All is good!  $91.00 later for an oil change!   Oh ya, don’t forget $297.00 of diesel fuel at the Zip Station!  Ouch!

Till tomorrow…


  1. happy birthday Paige!!..she is a real 'cutie pie'!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Paige! She's beautiful!

    John, if by some miracle you should ever get a real pilot's licence, I would NEVER, EVER fly with you! I'm just sayin.....!

  3. Happy Birthday! That is truly the big one :)