Thursday, March 24, 2011

My last day to fly in Havasu…

Yes, today was our last full day here at Lake Havasu City, as we will load up Friday morning and actually head north up to Las Vegas to drop Angela and David off at the airport…

Beautiful morning this one was, as I was loaded up with my full fleet and off to the flying field for the last time… I really enjoyed flying here, as I was able to quickly make some new friends that share the hobby… a great bunch, all Canadian ya know… ehh…

As mentioned, I had the P-47 out, along with the Super Cub, (all fixed up…) and the helicopter!  You need a lawn chair to take a break… we had over 12 flyers out this morning!


Lots of different planes out today, the one below is called a slow stick… they fly real neat!


One of the guys from Alberta, Dennis, was a super guy to meet and these are 3 of his 8 planes…


The owner of this big yellow plane, recently converted it from a gas engine to electric, and was getting ready to fly it for the first time on electric.  There have been significant improvements made on the small electric motors and the Lithium Polymer Batteries, so these planes fly real good on electric now. (a lot less noise as well…)


This afternoon, we helped out Angela and David with some wrap up stuff on the new Condo, and they invited us over for dinner… here is David cooling off, as it was warm out today!


All of us enjoyed a few hours out by the pool enjoying the nice sun today… and maybe the odd refreshment!


So tomorrow we are off for Las Vegas, and head eventually over to Death Valley for a visit!

Till tomorrow…


  1. the pool looks very refreshing!!..have fun in Vegas, Baby!!

  2. Las Vegas and Death Valley! Looks like you'll be seeing a lot of interesting stuff over the next few days. We've never made it to Death Valley, so we'll be watching to see what you think of it.