Saturday, March 26, 2011

Off to Pahrump, Nv.

Judy and I were full of energy this morning as we headed out on the Island we are staying on for a walk… they have a great walking/bike trail all around and it goes for 3 1/2 miles…

Check out the sunrise this morning with a bit of mist hanging around…


Off we go on the trail…


Mountains everywhere around here… we walked about 2 1/2 miles…


We got back from the walk, and had breakfast and then started our pack up… time to roll!   By 10:00 this morning we had everything done, and drove over to pick up Angela and David in the big wheels.

Headed north on 95 towards Vegas… can’t tell you anything about Vegas tonight, cause “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”…

Judy took these pics on the way out Hwy. 15 to Pahrump… had to climb up to about 4,500 feet, and then straight back down…




Lots of red soil in this area…


Angela rode the couch all the way to Pahrump, and yes, that is snow behind her as we hit the top of the mountain pass…



We made it to Pahrump by 3:30 and got set up… then David liked my new haircut so much he got Judy to give him one…


Angela wanted in on the action… I declined!


Everywhere you go there are mountains… this is the view of the road we are now living on…


Home is where you park it…


Posting early tonight, as we are now leaving Pahrump and taking David and Angela to Las Vegas to catch the red eye back to the Centre of the Universe tonight… leave here at 11:30 and they should touch down in Toronto at 6:30 a.m.

Till tomorrow…


  1. That looks like a nice park...maybe you could open a barber shop there (tee-hee)!!

  2. Your mention of the Toronto Airport reminded me of my years spent in & around that place. Lots of great areas around Vegas. You are not far from the Valley of Fire. Would make a great day trip for you:))

  3. We stayed in and beautiful RV park in Pahrump NV a few years ago, we loved that town.

  4. Toronto, the center of the Universe? Pahrump to that!!

    Looked like a pretty nice drive from Lake Havasu to Pahrump.

  5. just a little off the top!!..great day and a lovley drive!!