Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Today we were two for two!

Simply a terrific day today at Borrego Springs… weather was mid 70’s with some sun and a bit of cloud. 

After the big crash of my plane last night I figured out that I can actually glue the whole thing back together and have it as good a new!  So this morning I wanted to go back to the Clark Dry Lake Bed and pick up any pieces of the plane we missed yesterday.  It was over 2.5 klms. down to the crash site and we decided to walk it!  Left at 8:00 a.m. and it was nice!  Took us 20 minutes once we got on the dry lake bed to actually find the site, and we had all but given up when Eagle Eyed Judy says, “I think I found a piece…”  She did, and we found several more and life is good again!  Back up to the RV for a coffee.

“The Eagle” lives up to her nick name and finds the crash site and some pieces of my plane!


Next on the agenda, was to head back to the crash site of the bicycle from yesterday.  I figured out that I lost a critical piece of our tow equipment, our “breakaway” switch which is required to operate the electronic break on the Jeep while being towed.  Without it, we cannot set up the break!  Once again the Eagle came through and we found the crash site and the breakaway switch!  2 for 2 today!

Here is the site, marked by my broken seat and water bottle… switch was close by. 


After lunch I wanted to head into Town to get a bottle of crazy glue to help me put my plane back together… Judy wanted to stop at the Chamber of Commerce for tourist info so off we went on the Bergman…

Yes, hippies still live in Borrego Springs!


Met a nice Lady at the Chamber Office…


Then we met Juan Bautista de Anza riding his horse out front of the Chamber… you can read his storey below…



On our way back to the RV from Town, we saw a very familiar motorhome… Al and Kelly from TRAVEL WITH THE BAYFIELD BUNCH))  are staying just a stone’s throw up the road from us…  I have been reading Al’s blog for about 3 years now on a daily basis… They are the reason Judy and I have decided to come out west the past couple of years…  I blame it all on them!  

We also got to meet their 3 dogs they travel with and had a good old chin wag with the Bayfield Bunch.  They gave us all kinds of info on the area we are staying at now… they have been here a number of times and they love it!

It was great to meet them, and they hope to be able to come over tomorrow and visit us on our site…


Had a great skype phone call with Shawn, Jenn, Emmie and of course Paige this afternoon!  Good to see them as the kids opened up some gifts Judy sent over for St. Patrick’s Day coming up! 

Yes, I decided to run our Cummings Genset tonight and had the power to watch the Leafs get back even with Pittsburgh and beat them in OT!  The dream lives!

Till tomorrow…


  1. I'm glad Judy was able to find the missing parts to your airplane without having to call out the NTSB for a full investigation. That was pretty good sleuthing to find the breakaway switch as well. That's 2 or 2 as you say, what's going to be the 3rd bit of luck?

  2. Wow you are so right to call Judy Eagle eyes.... she did good! And as a bonus you got to meet AL & Kelly... they are truley legends in the west themselves. We all love to read his blog and see his wonderful photos. Glad your having so much fun on your trip.
    Travel safe

  3. Alright! All the pieces have been found. I look forward to photos of the re-built plane. Hey and you got to meet Al and Kelly. Any sightings of the contentious lemons???

  4. What a wonderful day after yesterday! Glad to see all worked out and good job, Judy, on finding the bits and pieces! We hope to see the plane back in action...

  5. Good to hear you found the missing parts...have fun with the super glue. And meeting The Bayfield Bunch too...good times!!