Thursday, December 22, 2011

“The Answer, My Friend, is Blowing in the Wind…”

Hang on to you hat this morning, was the name of the game… it was windy!  Yes, the wind will blow through this area, and it was going good this morning… Judy was out and about chasing our lawn equipment this morning while I was lying in bed listening to the wind!  

We had made arrangements to meet up with Rick and Paulette from Rick & Paulette's RV Travels, and Kim and Don of K and D in the RV , for breakfast in Palm Springs this morning.  Tom and Cheryl were to join us, but poor old Cheryl was under the weather, so they had to pass… next time!

This is a very poor picture of the windmills, however you will get the drift… and these things were making power today… big time!


We decided to eat outside at Ruby’s Restaurant, in downtown Palm Springs, as there was no wind blowing there when we got there! It was sure fun to meet up with our fellow bloggers… we had a blast talking about everything under the sun… and no one wanted to leave!  That is Rick and Paulette on the right, and Kim and Don, (Don is in the shadows…) in the centre… Judy took the pic.


Don’t ever take only one picture of something when you really want a shot of it!  I took the picture below of the inside of Ruby’s, and in my great haste, (like I always am…) it turns out like this, and no matter what you do to it, you cannot fix it!  Take 2 pics instead, or at least preview the picture on the camera with your glasses on!   However you will get the drift of the place, which is really neat, and I enjoyed my Denver Omelette… reminded me of being in Denver less than a week ago!


The view below is just outside the restaurant… it was a beautiful day in the downtown area this morning!


This is another picture I took of the square, and if you look at the hard right hand side of the picture, you will see Sony Bono in bronze, sitting on the side of the fountain!  He used to be the Mayor of the Town, and give him the credit for what you see today here!


Below is the view on the street, North Palm Canyon Blvd., and the nice Palm Trees along the street!  Great spot to enjoy breakfast!


After our goodbye’s, Judy and I went off to Palm Desert, and did a bunch of shopping, doing our part to keep this economy going!  It needs help!

Hey, at least my Leaf’s beat up on the Sabre’s tonight!

Till tomorrow…


  1. If they'd turn off all those giant fans, maybe the wind wouldn't be so bad! We missed going to Ruby's when we were there and that is one place I really wanted to go. Maybe next time... Looks like you all had fun. Such a nice area and so inviting.

  2. glad you were able to dine outside in the sunshine!!..without the wind to mess up your hair!

  3. great pictures....nothing like sunshine to perk up the day wind or no snowed here last night...have a super day today..and merry christmas to you both and all the best in 2012

  4. I think you've sent your wind over here to us in AZ. Now if you'd just send us your sunshine I would greatly appreciate it. Merry Christmas.