Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Preparing for Christmas, Caliente Style!

Out the door at 8 bells this morning with airplane and all related equipment in hand!  Great morning for flying… it was a little overcast after yesterday’s rain, but nice for flying.  There was only Leigh and myself out this morning, but that did not stop up putting in two good hours of flying… with my plane coming home in 1 piece!  Yes, I said 1 piece!

This afternoon Judy and I went into Desert Hot Springs, about a 10 minute drive, and picked up a few things we needed. 

Tonight, the Chapel Group put on a nice chilli dinner, and then some Christmas Carolling around the Resort!  Must have had over 100 people out for this event! 

All the ducks were lined up tonight in one of the ponds… had to laugh, I was in the hot tub this morning after flying, and a duck came and was swimming in the empty hot tub beside us… he was having fun!


Part of the pool and spa area of our Resort…


Below is Mount Jacinto, you cannot see it very well, but a lot of snow fell up there yesterday.


I took the pic below with my smart phone… lots of lights on the Palm Trees around the Resort.


George Cooper runs the Chapel Program at the Resort, and everyone met in front of his Park Model, and we all enjoyed a Chilli Dinner… very good!



After the Carols were all finished, we enjoyed hot chocolate, cookies, and a nice warm fire!


Good time had by all…

Well, I am off for Ontario tomorrow morning, and will not return here until Friday evening, so the blog may be a little thin the next couple days… I will not have my computer with me, so if I post at all, it will be on my smart phone… if not, I will be back on the weekend!

Now, it is time to go watch the Leaf’s play Carolina on my PVR.

Till tomorrow…


  1. have a safe flight and good luck with your tests!!!
    Christmas carols?..how festive!!!

  2. Your evening looked pretty good over at Caliente!

    Have a safe flight home and remember, by all means, stay the heck out of the cockpit!!!!

  3. Looks like you have a lot of fun at that park. Safe travels to Ontario and good luck with the tests.

  4. Prayers go with you as you head to your test. You are going to get an A!

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  6. Looked like a fun Christmas event to attend. Wishing you safe travels and enjoy the time with Gweeny. In yesterdays blog she looked so cute with Santa.

  7. very nice park....lots of activity...safe journeys and hope the tests turn out A OK!!

  8. Soooo jealous of your hot tub - ducks and all!

    Happy to hear that carolling hasn't evolved into Christmas texting ;))