Thursday, December 29, 2011

Palm Springs Street Fair, and a visit to Gabby Hayes…

It seems someone got way too busy yesterday, and involved in too many things, and forgot to post a blog….  ooopppsss….

However I am back again today, and it was another great day here in the Coachella Valley.  About 30 deg. C. and lots of sun!  I was off to the flying field again this morning, as conditions were perfect.  Judy was down at the pool exercise class, while Tom and Cheryl were out walking around the Resort.

After lunch we headed into Palm Springs area, and wanted to do and hike, and we choose the Gabby Hayes Trail.  It is a 2.4 mile hike in the mountains, just off highway 74, near El Paseo where all the rich people shop… we could hear the cash registers ringing from the hills.

Oooopppsss, this first pic might be why there was no blog that hit cyberspace last night… distractions!


OK, here we head out to the Gabby Hayes trailhead.  We learned of this trail from Rick and Paulette who did this one earlier this winter, and it is also in the hiking book we all use.


You no sooner start to climb up the trail, and you end up with some great views.  This area is known as Palm Desert.



It is a great spot to hike and is full of mountains as you can see.


You can see where we parked in the distance, as we head out…


There are many different trails as you head up into the mountains…


The hike offered great views of the Coachella Valley as we climbed.



It is a nice dramatic series of trails and views as you make your way…



No this is not a picture of a race track below, it is a cemented wash to protect the houses behind from rain that comes out of the mountains.


After the hike we headed downtown Palm Springs and enjoyed a real nice dinner compliments of Tom and Cheryl at a local restaurant on North Palm Canyon, just can’t remember the name of the place. It served Mediterranean Foods.  It was good!


The street fair was very well attended, and we gave the girl in this booth the prize for best hair at the show!


It is always hard to get good pictures of the fair, so I will only give you one, as we simply did not take anymore…


Simply another great day we all enjoyed.

Till tomorrow…


  1. wow what a great day..looks like the weather was fantastic...and the hike amazing....

  2. I missed you! But you made up for it with this post. You are forgiven!

  3. We were at the Street Fair too last night but like you say, it was crowded.

    Glad you enjoyed the Gabby Hayes Trail - it looks like you guys started from the opposite end to us.

    Off to LAX this morning to take Maggie and Hayley for their flight home - long day ahead!