Thursday, December 8, 2011

A visit from Molly and Rylie…

Late this morning a familiar GMC Truck pulled up to our site, and low and behold it was Molly and Rylie from Rick & Paulette's RV Travels , and, oh ya, they brought their Dad Rick along with them!  Good to see them all.  Rick and I sat and had a good old chin wag and tried to solve a few of the world’s problems, but a few still remain, so we will have to get back together again shortly!   Molly is on the right, while Rylie is on the left, with Rick trying to keep them both in line… Paulette had let them all on the lose this morning, and it was great to see them for sure!  They stay at a resort about 2 miles or so from ours, and are down for 5 months this year, from B.C.


I think today was one of the nicest days we have had since we headed southwest.  It was probably in the high 60’s, maybe even 70 ish… but the sun was shinning and with now wind at all, you end up with a real nice day! 

Of course I started off out at the flying field around 8 this morning, only to shortly run into problems… I had my faithful Super Cub up in the air, showing another member of our makeshift club how it flies, and wooopppsssss, no more control!   The plane was flying about 200 feet up, throttle on, but I had zero control… not good.   I did regain a big of elevator control, and was able to convince the plane to come down, albeit a little hard… but down.   When I ventured out to pick it up, all all could smell was smoke!  Not good! 

Seems, I fried all the electronics inside the plane… don’t have a clue as to why, but it burned.  What to do now…

This little box below is the heart and soul of the plane… if you look just to the right of the wires on the side, you will see a burn hole… this box is like a little computer and controls everything on the plane, so with it burned out, you are done!


So after pondering the situation some, I decided the route to go was to take the motor and computer out of my P-47, (yes, the one that gives me all the trouble…) and rig it to fit the Super Cub… Took about 2 hours, but hey, I was outside, the weather was great… why not!   Just as I finished up is when Rick and the dogs showed up for a visit.  The wind had come up, so could not test fly it today, so that should happen tomorrow…  Now for the big one!  The engine from the P-47 is 3 times as powerful as the Super Cub Motor is!  It will kind of be a Super Cub on Steroids for sure!  Will have to hang on with both hands when this baby goes up!  I took the pictures below just after I mounted the motor on the front. 


This afternoon was spent on cleaning the other half of the RV.  It got warm while working, but I managed through… Next will maybe be applying a coat of “The Solution”, a product that Rick swears by, and is very similar to wax… More on this later.

Judy had tickets for us to go to a Christmas Concert tonight is the Resort that was quite good. 

Till tomorrow…


  1. It's always a treat to have a visit from Molly and Rylie, oh and Rick too!

    Aren't you glad you aren't flying 747s when something decides to burn up like that??

  2. Good luck on your test flight, sounds like a gamble with the motor swap, fingers crossed for you!

    How nice to get a visit from Rick, we're looking forward to meeting him, Paulette and the pups when we bring Gwenny up in January :)

  3. a visit from the famous Molly and Rylie!..aren't you the lucky one!..too bad about your wing damage though!..hopefully you will be back up and flying again today!!

  4. Nice to see you and Rick got together. Sorry to see the mishap with the plane. Should be fun flying the Super Cub with that extra power. Ready for the Leafs and Washington tonight? Good Vancouver win last night against Montreal 4-3 in a shoot out.

  5. Glad you were home when we popped by yesterday. We'll get together again soon, I hope.

  6. Nice visit the two of you had.

    Good luck with the repairs and the test flights.