Friday, December 9, 2011

Super Cub… = Super Crash!

Well, you had to be there folks, at this morning was the nicest morning of them all for flying our at our makeshift airport.  I had the Super Cub all primed up and ready to fly, and it did take to the air very well!  I was happy as the plane was flying great, with way too much power, but that is alright!  As the flight wore on, I got a little bolder behind the controls, and that is when the trouble usually begins!  I was climbing at a very fast pace, and this plane is simply not used to this kind of flying, and I did not have my wing spars properly in place, ( they were giving me some problems, so I left them off… ((mistake)) and the plane ended up in the dreaded “death spin” and came back to the desert floor real fast! 

As you can see my main fuselage took a bit of a hit today…


I prefer not to call this a crash anymore, I prefer to now call it a “learning experience”… so I did learn a lot, and by the time I am writing this blog, I have already attended downtown Ranch Mirage, and “Uncle Don’s Hobby Shop”, and replenished my spare parts, and have the Super Cub ready to fly again! 

I don’t know what our temperature ended up at today, but it had to be mid to high 70’s for sure… it was beautiful!  I hope tomorrow is the same!

Judy and I decided it was time for a BBQ upgrade, and we ended up buying a new Coleman Road Trip Grill, from Amazon.Com.  It was delivered at 7:15 last night, proving that UPS and the rest of them are feeling the Christmas crunch!

Check it out!

This is in the travel position, the whole thing folds up real nice and is easy to store, it weights about 45 lbs.


You just put your foot on the lower handle, pull the upper handle on the grill, and presto it is ready to roll!  It also has two pull out trays on each side that I did not extend in the pic.


It is a twin burner, with 20,000 BTU’s of heat… lots of power, just like the Super Cub!  Electronic ignition makes starting real easy.


Add a couple real nice steak’s from Trader Joe’s and you are all set for dinner, with a couple potatoes to boot.  Tasted great!


Check out the picture below of little Gwenny wearing her Toronto Maple Leaf slippers… however I am afraid to report they didn’t work tonight… full points for spirit from Gwenny!

Glad the weekend is here… I need a break!

Till tomorrow…


  1. aww so sorry to see the plan in pieces but happy to hear that you have her all back together and shes ready for the next flight...gwenny is a darling its like shes saying "see I got em on"....gorgeous eyes on her...have a nice weekend

  2. Oh my! That looks like one serious crash. Glad she's ready to go again!

  3. just a learning curve, John!..may tomorrow bring a new flight pattern!..
    nice new bbq and love the slippers on Gwenny!!

  4. Gwenny looks beautiful! Your steaks look terrific! Your new BBQ is pretty spiffy! Your Super Cub? Well, not so good!! But, onward and upward, eh!!

  5. Cute picture of Gwenny... and really nice grill!!! Glad you're having fun with your plane!
    Travel safe

  6. Poor plane!
    That grill looks awesome! We'll probably end up getting one similar before we take off. =]

  7. I'm now convinced that you do not want to return - in the after life - as a stunt pilot!!! A bottle of really good glue and you were back in the air!

    The Maple Leafs - and their new ownership announcement yesterday - did little to spark a win! Cute booties though. The Leafs may not be winners but Gwenny sure is!

    Nice grill! You couldn't find one that was painted Leafs blue?

  8. I like your new grill. The Leafs couldn't have a cuter fan. Glad the Super Cub is ready to fly again.