Saturday, December 10, 2011

An easy day touring around…

Simply another beautiful day here in California… don’t like to harp on it, especially since Gravenhurst has received over 30 cm. of snow… but the weather here has been great!  It was again in the mid to high 70’s here today, with the sun keeping us warm...   Warning to Tom and Cheryl, you better get here soon before be burn up all this good stuff!  They are due to fly in one week form tomorrow!

Judy had a little humming bird that is now hooked on our feeder…



Today we took life real easy… we started off by attending for a few minutes, the craft show that was going on in our resort!  I tried to look interested, but it simply was not the same punch as a good airplane, or motorcycle show…. ya know what I mean???


They had booths all over the place… Judy enjoyed, and bought some more earing and some walnuts and stuff!


Below is inside our main hall at the Resort, lots of stuff happens here.


Next we were off to Palm Springs, as Judy read about a Farmer’s Market which was happening close to the downtown area… took a couple minutes, but we found it, right behind a big fancy Movie Theatre…


Lots of fresh produce, plus free entertainment, as a Lady was singing Christmas Songs…


It was a great day to be walking around outside, and we also enjoyed a tour of the downtown area.


Spent an hour this afternoon finishing the re-build of the Super Cub.  Ready to fly! 

Enjoyed meeting new people down at the hot tubs… life is good!

Enjoyed a great skype call with Gwenny  and her Mom and Dad this afternoon also, checking out Gwenny’s first Christmas Tree!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Looks like you had another great day! Hard not to with weather like this. I'm with you on the craft shows - I go to them here but can't say I'm all that impressed.

  2. Craft shows just aren't my thing either. Been to a few, tried to get interested, but.........

  3. I'm not much into craft shows either. Just plain not into shopping. Wonder if it would be any different if I was rich. But it doesn't look like a ton of people there which would help make it better.

  4. You know, I don't know that I've honestly ever been to a craft show! Looks like a gorgeous day though! I would like to get a hummingbird feeder when it warms up.