Sunday, December 4, 2011

Yes, it is nice to relax on Sunday…

What a great day it turned out to be today in the desert!  Ended up around 65 or so degrees F. today, with nothing but sun, so it is just the way I like it!  Shorts and short sleeves were the order of the day for me! 

One of the features of Caliente Springs RV Resort that appeals to both Judy and I, is the Sunday morning Chapel Service.  They have a group of people that put the service on here, as well as the sister Park, Sky Valley every Sunday.  I know that this may not appeal to everyone, but it is important to us, and about 175 other people at our Resort this morning!  We enjoyed!

It was such a great morning, that right after the Service, I head over to try out the Caliente Springs RV Resort Airport! (AKA: the Golf Driving Range…)  I was the only one there this morning, but during the week, it will be full!  Conditions were perfect this morning as I sent the Super Cub up to fly the Desert Skies!  I will certainly be enjoying this facility over the next three months, that is for sure!  Pictures to follow shortly!

As I returned from the Airport, we enjoyed lunch, and Judy had a destination on her mind for the afternoon!  COD!

Check out the picture I took this morning, looking directly outside our RV door!  What a sight Mount Jacinto (10,384 feet, ranked 6th on the Continental U.S.A.) is against the big blue sky, along with our Palm Tree on our site!  I could look at this all day!


Oh ya, back to COD!   College of the Desert, the location of a weekly market in Rancho Mirage… what a spot and what a market!

A lot of people show up, so you may end up parking quite a bit away from the market, so they have this shuttle below to give you a lift!


There are probably close to a couple hundred venders, but this one probably does the biggest business of them all!  People love the Kettle Corn!


I did not go crazy and take a whole bunch of pics of the market, as you have all seen them before… best to say, lots of people, lots of colour, lots of food, lots of bargains… lots of fun!  We did our share of keeping the local economy going today, buying lots of cloths for both Judy and I…


One of the nice things about staying where we are is that they have mail service here!  I know there is a bunch of people out there that are just itching to mail me a cheque, so here is where you can mail it to me!

Caliente Springs RV Resort,

C/O John and Judy Hollinger,

74-200 Dillon Road, Unit 305

Desert Hot Springs, U.S.A. 92241

I will be waiting by the box for the cheques!  Don’t be shy!

Till tomorrow…


  1. cheque is in the mail!!..sounds like you had a great day!!..happy Sunday to you both!

  2. I can't find my checkbook!

    The COD is definitely a place visitors to this area have to go to at least once - we've visited several times!

  3. Nice you have a place nearby to fly. We enjoyed our visit last week to COD. Lolita wants to go back before Christmas to shop again she had her eye on a few things. If I have anything left we will put the cheque in the mail. Should be a good Leafs Rangers game tonight.

  4. Yup! Our cheque is in the mail too but try not to drop it. It may bounce. Not to worry, we'll just send you another one just like it! ;))