Friday, December 23, 2011

Resort Day…

There was a bit of a wind blowing today, but not too bad… nice temps though.

Drove out to the flying field this morning and had coffee with my flying buddies… no, my plane is not quite air ready yet, but will be very soon.

This picture below is a great shot of Mount Jacinto from the flying field this morning… what a view it was!


We all just sort of hung around the Resort today, not doing a whole lot, just enjoying life!   Cheryl is still a little under the weather, but feeling a lot better.  Check these to out below at the shuffle board courts…


This afternoon we joined into the local water volleyball game in the main pool… they have these everyday however this is the first time we played… it keeps you moving.


I think this picture below was a mistake, but it shows you how the sky was today!


Below, the sun is setting behind Mount Jacinto, to end another day in the desert…


Till tomorrow…





  1. a perfect periwinkle blue sky!..ours was gray today.. a perfect shade of gray I might add..mixed with a few drops of the wet stuff!!!

  2. Merry Christmas John and Judy...and all the best in I am loving your pictures

  3. Looked like the perfect day along with some fun activities. Lolita and I wish you and Judy a Merry Christmas.