Saturday, December 17, 2011

Back to DHS…

After a very long day of travel, and 3 flights later, I made it back to the Palm Springs Airport, by 8:10 local time tonight! 

I may have started off small, on this nice Dash 8 plane out of London, but soon worked up to the big stuff out of Toronto…


Heading into Toronto on the Jazz flight, I managed to snap a quick picture of the Toronto skyline with my smart phone… The long skinny Tower you see in the centre of the picture down by the waterfront, is the famous CN Tower… it was overcast in Toronto today, but no snow!


We landed in Denver from Toronto, and it was cold, and lots of snow on the ground.   Everyone on the plane had ski stuff with them!  Had to wait 2 hours and a bit in Denver, which was far too long before we headed off for Palm Springs!

It was a ruff ride tonight from Denver to Palm Springs, as we crossed the Rocky Mountains… A few people on the flight were not having a very good time, and I saw a couple of them kiss the runway, after we landed!  It was ruff, but I remember flying in worse, as I used to fly a lot for business in days gone by.   A quick call to Judy, and she had the Jeep rounding the corner to pick me up and speed me home!  Nice to be back!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Glad you are back! We look forward to getting together.

  2. Geeeezzzz, some guys will do anything for an airplane ride...and I don't blame them. I think airplanes are neat:)) My last time in the air was from Tampa to Toronto back in the late 90's.

  3. Glad your back safe and sound Bud, good thing it wasn't you kiss'n the tar mat,Judy would star tto wonder about you Maverick

  4. It is good that you are back in the warm weather. Now you can fly your own planes!

    At one time I enjoyed flying, but since we got the motorhome, I have no desire to fly.

  5. Good to hear your back in DHS with Judy. Nice picture of you and Gwenny yesterday, she looks very cute in the Elf suite. Have a great weekend!