Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Let the fun begin!

This morning, as I woke up… I was listening to see if I could hear any wind blowing in off Mount Jacinto… NO… NONE!  Good news!  Time to head out to the Caliente Springs Aerodrome!  I was out the door, airplanes in hand by 7:45!  Couldn’t wait!

At around 8:00 a.m. the crew all started to show up… these are the same guys that peaked my interest in starting up this hobby!  There was 4 of us out flying this morning, and soon the numbers will swell… Good to meet up with the old crew again…

Below is Lee, as he unloads his 7 planes… (yes, SEVEN) from his car… He loves flying, and has been doing it for years.  He will tell you he needs 7 planes, in order to get 2 or 3 of them to actually fly!  In the background is Razz, who is actually flying his little Champ… a great plane for learning on.

Not sure what happened to the sky in this picture, but it was all blue, and I never ever did see a cloud all day… only got to about 65 degrees F. today, but it was beautiful.

plane one

Lee is getting his Slow Stick ready to fly in the pic below…

Plane three

Below is one of Lee’s war birds… similar to my P-47… It had trouble making it up this morning, and came down real fast!  All of the flights are not perfect!

plane two

After all the fun was over after a couple hours… I headed back home and started into the cleaning process again… got the front cap finished, and also the passenger side all done!.  Only have the drivers’ side, and the rear end to do… it will get done!

Yesterday Judy noticed a few humming birds flying around, so she bought a hummingbird feeder and filled it up with sugar water… today as I was unloading my planes I was buzzed by a hummingbird!  He was pretty aggressive wanting his food!  This is a little female in the picture below… the male was real full of colour… will try again to get him!


We went a spent an hour or so at Home Depot, ordering 2 custom made cabinet doors, to fill the hole in our bedroom, where the TV used to sit!  Hopefully they will be a close match to our existing cabinets.  We will see, but it will be about 3 1/2 weeks for delivery from Florida!

Till tomorrow…


  1. a day filled with flying!..planes and hummingbirds!!

  2. Great day, a little work and a little play. Glad your having good flying weather and meeting up with friends.

  3. Nice to see you've found some fellow pilots to fly with. Looks like today's even going to be better than yesterday!

  4. excellent that you have flying friends close by...seems like you've found the perfect balance for work and play...enjoy