Saturday, December 3, 2011

Off to the Tamale Festival…

The wind was blowing this morning, but the sun was shining, that is the main thing around here… as long as you have the sun, usually all is good!

Judy had learned they were having a Parade over in Indio today, so we decided to head out and check it out… It is about a 20 minute drive to the far end of the Valley for us.  It was billed as the Tamale Festival, although the Big Guy did show up at the end!

A lot of people were gathering to watch the parade…


They had lots of marching bands in the parade, at least 7 or 8 of them… they were all good!


The whole festival and Parade has a distinct Mexican flavour to it! 


What is a Parade without some pretty Girls… I am assuming they won some contest…


Lots of colour, and lots of good music…


Every time one of the Bands marched by us, a White Chevy Tahoe set off it’s alarm… just adding to the music!


This was a neat float below, entered by a local Church… it was kind of funny, they were all singing on it… like the Muppets…


A Health Plan Company was promoting healthy eating to the kids below…


A local car club had a bunch of members in the parade, with these fancy cars that could jack themselves up and down… kind of neat to watch…



Check this tricked out car below… it can drive on 3 wheels…



HO HO HO… I told you the Big Guy was in the parade…


After the Parade, we headed over to the Festival held Downtown… of course we had to have Tamales… Judy loved her Chicken Tamale… I was only so so on my Pineapple Tamale.


They had lots of good entertainment, spread all over the Festival area…


OK, so we had a real nice plate of “Texas Taters…”


After the Festival, we decided to drive up the 111 Highway, all the way to the other end of the Valley and into Palm Springs… Judy wanted to get a book at a Book Store… this is one of the nicest drives in the  area I think… lots of Palm Trees… all kinds of neat stuff to gauck at as you drive along!


They did not have the book Judy wanted, but we got a substitute on Great Hikes in the Palm Springs area… we can’t be sitting around doing nothing all the time!  We made it back to the Resort, and decided it was past time to hit the Hot Tubs… so away we went!  Below is one of the ponds at the Resort… all the Birds were in this one today, as it was sheltered from the wind.


They have great pools and hot tubs here… a big plus for us!  Funny, I find most of the people here do not use them that much!


I am in the tub below, meeting a fellow Canadian from B.C.   He commented that the only ones hardy enough to  be out in the wind at the pools were us Canadians… the pools are nice and sheltered as you can tell from the winds actually… quite nice.


Weather is supposed to be a lot nicer tomorrow… we will see if the wind comes down a bit… as I write the blog tonight, the wind is all gone!

Had a good skype call tonight with Tom and Cheryl in Richmond Hill, Ont. and they are 2 weeks away from jumping on the big bird, and flying down to Palm Springs to join us for two weeks… they cannot wait! 

Till tomorrow…


  1. That plate of chips is amazing!

  2. Never heard of a pineapple tamale. Sounds a bit strange! Nice parade pictures, so colorful. And we agree about driving on 111. That's a great drive. Hope you have lots of fun hikes.

  3. a nice day in 'small town america'!!..looks like it was a great parade and food looked pretty good too!!

  4. Hey, Paulette and I were out at the Tamale Festival this morning as well. Too bad we didn't see you but that's not surprising given the crowds!

    Looks like maybe you might have been in one of those Tamale food lineups though! A Pineapple Tamale? You've got to be kidding me!!

    Your pools and hot tub sure look nice!

  5. I would also have tried the tamales. I will definitely avoid the pineapple ones. How we learn from others eh?

    Your hot pools do look inviting!

  6. great looking resort..and excellent pics of the festival...glad to see someone tried the tamales ;) have a super week