Thursday, December 15, 2011


This morning, nothing here but a bunch of rain, lots of wind, and cool temperatures... yuck! No snow though, which is very unusual for this part of the country for sure!

We had a nice skype call with Judy out in DHS this morning... better weather out there than here, that is for sure.

Kristina and Gwenny accompanied me to London Health Science Centre today, and I was called in in "early" for my ultra scan... love it! My appointment was for 1:30, and I walked out at 1:35, all finished! They ensured they had all the pictures they needed, as they knew I was flying back to California tomorrow.

We left London, and headed up the 401 Highway, towards Waterloo, about a 1 hour drive, to go and visit Debbie and Gerard.   Below Debbie is giving Gwenny a cowboy ride, and Gwenny was just loving it!

Gwenny is wearing her "Elf" outfit today, that Judy bought in Palm Springs, and I delivered... she looked great, and was in just an excellent mood all day today... even though we dragged her all over southern Ontario.  I had a ball playing with her this morning at the house prior to leaving for London.

Here is a picture Kristina took of Gwenny and myself this morning during play time... we were skyping at the time with Grandma Judy in DHS.

We all had a great visit in Waterloo with my good friend, Gerard, who is fighting a personal battle of his own right now... they gave him a "day pass" out of the hospital today, so I got to visit him at home. Good to see you today Gerard!  Glad to see your spirits high!

So they have changed the weather forecast for London tomorrow, to include some light  snow, so it is now time for me to saddle up and blow this town!   I leave at 12:30 tomorrow afternoon, out of London for Toronto, out of Toronto for Denver, Colorado, and then Denver to Palm Springs for an 8:30 p.m. touchdown in the Desert, where there should be now snow!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Looks like you are having a ball with Gwenny. She is just adorable in her new little elf outfit. Sounds like you are getting out of there just in time.

  2. glad to hear that all went well with your test! get back where you belong..the land of sun!!

  3. Her little outfit is so precious! What a sweetheart!

  4. have a great flight back , we are sitting here just south of Windsor wishing we were on that plane with you oh ya that working thing keeps getting in our way oh well a few more years and we will be set free. have a great Christmas

  5. wonderful that the testing went smooth and you had such a wonderful visit with Gwenny!!! Love her elf outfit- now back to the land of the sun :) safe travels..

  6. Gwenny sure looks like a very happy little baby! Paulette and I are sure looking forward to meeting her in the New Year!

    No snow here except for the stuff way up on Mt. Gorgonio! It's safe to return!