Sunday, December 18, 2011

Out on a “Scouting Mission”…

Don’t know what is going on with our weather, but it was cool, and some light rain again today, when the weatherman had promised us better!   Maybe tomorrow!

This morning Judy and I drove over to our Sister Resort, Sky Valley, on a scouting mission.  When the kids come in January, we will  have to move the RV over to that Resort, as the rules will not allow the kids to come into our 55 or Better Resort. (Caliente Springs) 

It is not a problem for us, and the reality is, Sky Valley is almost a duplicate of where we are now, as far as facilities go!  So all is well! 

Here I am below testing the waters… (they were quite warm…) you do not see anyone around in these pictures, as I find it kind of funny that when the weather cools off a bit, or rains, they all stay inside and don’t step out at all!  I like going to the hot tubs when it cools down, I find that the best time!  Sky Valley is a Family Resort, although in January there will not be too many kids there as they are in School.


There are over 20 pools and hot tubs in Sky Valley, these are just a few… it is all Mineral Water from the underground aquifers in use.



Gwenny should have lots of fun playing with these two black swans I found in one of the ponds on the Resort!


There are two sets of Club Houses, and pools and spa’s at Sky Valley… East side, and West side…



We gave a big two thumbs up to all the facilities that we toured today, all set for the kids to come and enjoy in early January.


This Resort also has a nice Restaurant inside, as well as tennis courts, and everything else you would want to do while you are here… although, I did not see a good spot to fly, so I might end up having to drive back to Caliente Springs to fly!

Tom and Cheryl, friends from Richmond Hill, which is just north of Toronto, will fly tonight into Palm Springs, and we will be taking our Jeep Taxi in to pick them up around 6:30. 

Till tomorrow…


  1. looks like the other resort is a win win situation too..funny that it looks like you were the only ones there!!!

  2. Thanks for the tour of Sky Valley. I've never driven in there for a look before but I think I will next time I go by on my way to Blair's RV.

    It looks like a nice spot especially with all those pools.