Monday, December 5, 2011

Time for the winter uniform…

Today turned out kind of nice here… it only hit maybe the mid 60’s, but the sun was blazing and I still enjoyed the day in my shorts again! 

This morning I started doing a bit of the necessary clean up on the Motor Home.  When you drive for 3,000 miles or so, things end up dirty, so this morning I started the big job, and finished cleaning on our front cab area.  It was real dirty, however nice and clean now!  Besides, I had to put the “winter uniform” on.

Here is a pic of the winter uniform…

winter cloths

Down here in the desert, you need the winter uniform.  We have so much sun here… and it will fade the colour out of anything…  Our rig is facing south at this point in time, so the sun shines on the front of the motor home most of the time.  Without the window shade, the interior heats up too high.  The tires also have to be protected from the UV rays.  I put the cover on all the tires, as we will be here over 3 months!

This afternoon, I spent some time moving our rear bedroom TV.  Yes, you heard me right… but where might you say???  Well, out to the living area, that is where!  Here is the scoop!  I like to watch the Maple Leaf’s Hockey… Judy is not so hot on that… (I don’t know why????)  With our second TV in the bedroom, you need  to be lying in bed to watch it… this is a bit of a bummer really, as neither one of us likes to be in bed while watching TV.  So, I moved it out to the living room area, and now Judy can watch one TV, while I watch the game on the other!  Perfect!  This is what it looks like…


At least now, we can use the TV, rather than have it in the bedroom and not really use it!  Just a little more work when we have to move somewhere, but that is what RVing is all about!

That was about it for today, so I will go and watch if the Leaf’s can hang onto the lead!

Till tomorrow…


  1. two tv's in less than 400 square feet! about roughin' it!..enjoy the game!!..hope the Leafs win!..that is unless they are playing the Canucks!

  2. It's amazing what the introduction of skinny flat screen TVs has done when it comes to RVs and where they can be installed now.
    It sure wouldn't be all that pleasant moving a CRT TV of that screen size!

  3. Good idea with the TV now you both can be comfortable. Nice 4-2 win for the Leafs. I liked the second period with Connolly and Lupul scoring those two goals so close together. Made for a exciting game. Nice a lot of the players Dad's were in attendance. Have another great day in the desert.

  4. Smart move with the TV - we may have to try that! Like your winter uniform!