Friday, December 2, 2011

Catch your breath day!

If you have been following the blog at all, you know by now that November has been a big month of travel for us… well, today it kind of ended.  We have arrived in Desert Hot Springs, and we just took today to catch our breath and catch up on a few items…

Judy started off by heading down to the pools this morning at 9:00 to see if the exercise program was still running!  It is, and she was happy, happy, happy!  One of the highlights of this park for Judy is certainly the mineral hot springs, that come from an underground aquifer… it is all heated by volcanic activity!

For me, I was off into DHS this morning, as the Jeep was in need of service… a stop at Jiffy Lube took care of the oil change, and they offered to change out the coolant in our cooling system for $49.00.  I took them up on this, as they wanted close to $150.00 up in Ontario for the same service!  Bonus!  When you are out 4 X 4ing in the Desert, you want a cool engine for sure!

I thought I would go by the self spray car wash in DHS for a good cleaning, however this business has run into hard times, and all the bays were broken, and no evidence of any repairs going on!  Oh well, headed back into our Resort, and cleaned and washed the Jeep right on our lot… you have to be quick though washing a black Jeep here, as the water dries up REAL QUICK!   A good workout!

This is our setup, here at Caliente Springs RV Resort, our winter home…


We even have our own Palm Tree out front, directly behind me taking this pictures… are some real nice mountains that I never took a picture of!  (Note clean Jeep)


Had a great talk with Greg and Cindy, our neighbours across the road from us… they are from Washington State, and wintered here last year, and liked it so much they came back!  Good to see them again!

We took a drive into Trader Joe’s this afternoon, which is kind of an upscale food store… to pick up a few items.  Found this antique car all decked out for Christmas…


Mean while, back at the ranch, this guy is in charge of Resort Security!  Don’t mess with him!


A big RVlifeonwheels welcome to our latest blog followers… Jeff and Sheryl.

That about sums up today, just taking life easy tonight… hey, I never made it to the hot tubs today… bummer!

oh well…

Till tomorrow…


  1. So nice to be in your winter home so you can relax and have fun. Hot tub tomorrow for sure.

  2. Keep the riff raff out of the pools as we will be there soon.


  3. nice place to park for the winter!!..I am pretty sure you and Judy are going to have a great time!! out for that security guard though..he looks like he could be a party crasher!!

  4. Looks like you're all settled in to your old, regular spot. Sounds like you had a pretty busy day to me!

  5. Nice park and nice set up. Enjoy some down time from all that traveling.


  6. very nice park and wonderful setup nice to have 'arrived' now you can relax and enjoy!!

  7. We rode around your RV park last February and it seemed to be a nice place. The hot springs are a draw, I'm sure. Your spot looks nice....oh and the jeep too!

  8. Nice looking park and I like the security. We have the winds blowing this weekend here in Corona so just kind of hanging out inside reading blogs and helping Lolita decorate when needed. Glad your getting all settled. Are you going to watch the Leaf's and Boston game tonight?