Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Touring the Town…

This morning was again, spent taking life very easy, nice to do in retirement.  Tom and Cheryl took the tour they offer here at Caliente of all the various Park Model Units, in hopes that you will buy one.  If you agree to take the tour, they give you the rental for a week at 1/2 price! 

I spent the morning doing a bit of maintenance work around the RV and Jeep, while Judy was at the pool.  Spent a bit of time working on airplane stuff also!

This afternoon, the wind came up a bit and so we took a bit of a tour into Palm Springs.  Ran down North Palm Canyon Drive to check things out!

Here we are enjoying some sun over the lunch period today, it was mid 60’s today with lots of sun!


We took Tom and Cheryl up to Sky Valley on a bit of a Jeep tour, and found this neat home in west DHS… we thought it was kind of cool… wouldn’t want to have too many cocktails and fall off that deck though…..


What would a trip to this area be without visiting El Paseo… the rich and famous do their shopping here… today was our time!


Here Tom and Judy are checking out Saks Fifth Avenue… they were impressed that a housecoat could cost $1,800.00!  No free Champaign today though…


Nice landscaping at El Paseo…


This is the Christmas Tree below, at Saks Fifth Ave.


Tom and Cheryl enjoying El Paseo today… some of us were brave enough to wear our shorts… and some were not brave enough!


Back to the RV to BBQ some burgs tonight!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Hangin' out with the 'rich folk' eh? I'm impressed that a housecoat could cost $1,800!

    Hope your bbq burgers would good!

  2. the life of the rich and famous!...ahh yes!!

  3. Wow ~ nice day!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe