Monday, December 26, 2011

Flag Mountain… or bust!

About this time last year, Judy and I tried to climb to the top of Flag Mountain, however we were ill prepared, with no water, and not really knowing what we were up against, so we did not make it!  We turned around half way up and beat feet back to the RV.  Today with Tom and Cheryl in tow, we decided to try again!  Success!

Here we are just starting out on the up hill climb, which starts about 1 mile just north of our RV Resort!  Nice an close.  We drove the Jeep out across the desert to the base of the mountains, and then started up, as Cheryl is still a bit under the weather, and I did not want her to have to walk that last file back!


As we climb up Flag Mountain, which is in the Indio Hills, you get a commanding view of Mount Jacinto all the way!  I never get tired of that view!


This view below is looking back at Caliente Springs RV Resort…


It is a long climb…1.2 mile climb to be exact!  You also gain over 1300 feet of elevation!


It is a bit of a strenous trail on the way up…


This sign is at the very top, along with the U.S. Flag.


This is the flag, which is a bit torn, and is need of a new one… but you sure get the idea.  



Here we are at the top… what a blast!


I climbed up a bit ahead of the others, and you can actually see them in the pic below if you look hard!


At the base of the flag is a geocache… I signed us in for the trip… it was a beautiful day in the desert today! 


On a day like today, looking south in the pic below, you can see the Salton Sea!


The view below is again of our Resort from the Flag!  Sitting in our hot tubs, you can see the flag from the resort, albeit a bit small!


Starting the trip back down…


Someone built this rock garden along the trail below…


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  1. congrats on making it to the summit of Flag Mountain!!!..good for you guys!!!