Saturday, March 30, 2013

Beautiful day in Paridise!

It was a real nice 80 degrees F. here today, just beautiful. We took life easy again today, with no big plans... Stopped down to Kohl's store today, as Judy had a small balance on her Credit Card with them that had to be paid off, and we made a few new purchases just for good measure! One item was a nice new Merkury Blue Tooth Keyboard for me!

I had a nice Apple Keyboard, but one day a while ago, I kinda dropped it one day, and it crushed the corner where the power switch was, and it was very hard to get it turned on properly, so Judy suggested I get this new Merkury that was on sale to begin with, and she had a $10.00 coupon, so that sealed the deal, and the blog will live onward with the iPad and Blogsy!

I was talking to one of our good RV neighbours today, Turk from West Virginia, and RV Maintenance came up in the discussion. He was asking me how I like our two Duotherm Roof Mounted Air Conditioners. I said they were great, other than the rear bedroom unit had developed a vibration when it was running. Turk scratched his head a few times, asked a couple questions, and then said he though he knew what the problem may be. I said 'oh ya"... what! He thought it could be a "mudhen" nest, built on the inside of the squirrel fan inside the unit!

So, after lunch, I jumped up on the roof and removed the cover. Turk got up on the roof with me, and within a couple minutes, he had his hand in the squirrel cage fan and sure enough, found a nest!

Above is 1/2 of the nest... it weighted so much, it threw the balance of the fan off, causing the whole air conditioning unit to vibrate, that you could feel right through the unit! Amazing! THANKS TURK! Saved us a service call.


I am cleaning the remaining debris out of the unit with our vacuum cleaner. The squirrel cage fan is right below my wrist.

I was a little upset that I did not have a recent picture of Emmie to post yesterday, however Dr. Shawn fixed that for me today without even knowing it.... They are in Mexico, near Playa de Carmen, and he posted a couple pictures on his facebook page... Mexico weather looks pretty nice.


Shawn is holding Emmie, Jenn is holding Paige...

Looks like the girls got all dressed up for a night out in Mexico!

Here is a big shout out to my Mom, up in Orillia! Thanks for dinner out tonight Mom for Easter Weekend! We decided to go to Olive Garden, and it was terrific! Happy Easter!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Don't know what a mudhen is but that's quite the nest you found there!!

    The granddaughters are adorable as always. Great pictures of them in Mexico.

  2. Great to see the photos of the girls in their matching outfits - they always look so happy!

    I'm still analyzing your statement that you "kind of dropped your Apple keyboard"??? Is that anything like "actually dropping it"????

  3. Wow! That was quite the mudhen nest. No wonder you had some shaking going on!

  4. Nice that you got AC unit fixed, not a good thing for all that vibration in the blower.