Thursday, March 28, 2013

Key West hang over....

After an action packed 5 days on the road in Key West with John and Pat, you could probably guess what we did today... not a lot!

This morning though, Judy had the laundry on the run real early... I had decided to take the RV over and have the propane tank filled... we have been using the furnace a bit in the mornings, and did not want to run out... that is for sure. So as you can imagine, it takes a bit of work to get the RV drivable in order to take it out and have service done to it. Takes about 45 minutes.

This afternoon I relaxed a bit, and got Judy's Burgman out of storage and cleaned it up after the Key West trip... one day it rained a little bit on us and everything got instantly dirty! Nice and clean now, mine still to do!

Check out these pictures I found of Gwenny on my phone while I was away...

Kristina had her out in the Park with still a bit of snow around! That better be gone soon!


Looks like she is all set for the Easter Egg Hunt this weekend...

Here she is on her big girl bed where she sleeps all the time now... looks like she is reading rather than sleeping!

I got this picture of little Paige, who just celebrated her 3rd Birthday over in Ottawa... yes, she too is a happy little girl... not quite sure where she is or what she is up to, but she has her Princess Purse, so all must be well!

Happy Easter everyone!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Wonderful pictures, beautiful girls! Happy Easter.

  2. Recover from the trip get stuff done and have a Happy Easter!

  3. Happy Easter you guys. Sun is shining here and the snow is almost gone. We will be sure to have it warmer by the time you get back. Got the order in anyway!! :)

  4. Gwenny and Paige are looking as pretty as ever! Seeing that snow would make me head back down to the low end of the Florida Keys for another month!