Friday, March 8, 2013

Catching up back home...

Slow day in Winter Haven today, not a lot going on, and some days that are just fine, especially when the weather hits well up in the 70's again today, with nothing but bright sunshine to keep us in the Florida spirit!

Judy was off first thing this morning in the Rec Hall for an exercise class, while I stayed home to make sure the couch didn't move this morning. Other than a bit of shopping today, that was about it!

However, thanks to all kinds of social media like Facebook, Skype, SmartPhones, lets take a peek and see what the kids are all up to. (They are all enjoying "real winter" this year!)

I was impressed that little Gwenny was able to train her cat Balzac, how to sit pretty in a mixing bowl while she pulled away at the cats hair. Gwenny can do anything to this cat, and the cat just seems to want more!


Above is a picture I took off of Skype while Gwenny was showing off her artistic skills of painting! I am not sure what the picture is supposed to be, but I bet it will auction off for Millions.

Gwenny loves going to her hat drawer, and pulling all the hats out and giving them each a shot! She is one of the happiest kids in the world this one! OK, let go to Ottawa...

Paige and Emmie are sure getting in the spirit of March 15th! I am not sure how Jenn got the dogs to pose like this, as they are both energy plus dogs!

As you can see above, Emmie is going to become a gymnist real soon! Keep it up Emmie!



Lucky Ducks Paige and Emmie got to go and see Disney on Ice in the Ottawa area recently... All the Disney Characters were there, and Mommy reports the kids were totally lost in the show!

So all is well back home in Canada...won't be long till the big wheels are rolling back up into Ontario to catch up with all these kids!


While we were just getting ready for dinner tonight, our neighbour Karen next door to us, came over and wanted to show us a big Owl's Nest in the Park, with two baby Owls in it! Check out these pictures... can't say I ever remember seeing babies in an Owl's Nest before...

It was getting a bit dark, and they are way up in the tree, but I will make it back with our bigger camera to try and get a closer pic. You can clearly see one of the baby Owls in the nest, being watched by Momma!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Sure is nice to keep in touch with today's technology. Almost like being there.

  2. Always love seeing pictures of you adorable grandgirls. That picture of Gwenny in her knit cap is sure cute. I bet you and Judy are anxious to see them in person.

    Cute baby owl too - but not as cute as the grands haha!!

  3. Gwenny is adorable, but Gwewnny with that knit hat on takes the cake!! I'll bet your are chompin at the bit to get back to the other adorable grand girls too.

  4. Lovely shots with the grand kids! It is nice to travel and have the technology to keep in touch.

    Good idea to test the sofa's stability, from time to time. Isn't that part of your RV maintenance program?

  5. Great pics of all the girls - and the dogs too, they are beauties!

    I don't believe I've ever seen a baby Owl - nice catch.