Friday, March 22, 2013

Let the good times roll...

This morning we spent getting ready for the arrival of the Morrisons. Judy went into her regular cleaning binge around the RV, starting laundry and good stuff like that.

I took out our motorcycles and made sure they were all set and ready to go down to Key West. That is our objective. We will leave here Sunday morning, and plan on getting down to Marathon where we have some accommodations booked. Our bikes are all set, including tire pressures, brake checks, lubrications updates, spot cleaning... all good to go! Even took them over to Walmart and filled them up with gas.

I was working away around 1:30 when my cell rang and it was Pat and John. They had landed in St. Pete's and had already picked up their rental motorcycle and were just about here... just needed some last minute directions. John and Pat are staying in our Park in the same trailer that Deb and Gerard rented.

Here they are pictured above with a very very new Harley Davidson! What a machine... John really enjoyed the drive over to here, commenting on how the Harley handled better than his Goldwing back home. I said, maybe it was because there is no snow on the roads here!!!! Wait a minute... I think it might be similar to a new Harley that Rene and Jeanette just bought out west in the Yuma area! RV Voyageur check it out.

The only problem we have with our trip, is the weather does not look to be the greatest in the direction we are heading, so we will have to see how that works out.

Till tomorrow...



  1. John, that Harley Davidson is an Electra Glide, Ultra Limited....and ours is an Electra Glide Ultra Classic. One has to look at both for several minutes to see the minor differences. The engine and frame are identical....and like your friend states, I too find it to be an easier bike to ride than my current Kawasaki 1500 cc Vulcan Nomad cruiser.

  2. Nice looking ride. Hope the weather holds out for you, Have a safe trip to Marathon and enjoy!

  3. Have a great bike ride down to the Keys tomorrow. And, good luck keeping up with that Harley!!

  4. What a good looking pair! Be sure to show them a good time and say hi for me!


  5. I suppose it makes perfect sense, but I never knew you could rent a motorcycle!