Monday, March 18, 2013

Pitter Patter...

This morning I was awakened by the "pitter patter" of rain hitting the roof of the MH. It has been a very dry winter here, so any moisture is welcome for sure... especially by all the citrus farmers with thousands of acres of oranges and other citrus produce.

We took life a bit easy today, with Judy off to exercising classes first thing, while I was doing some work around the RV. We had accumulated a few dreaded "black streaks" on the MH in the past couple weeks, so I spent part of the day cleaning those off with the ladder and cleaner, and also exerised our 5500 Watt Onan Diesel Generator for 1 hour. This is a monthly chore, to make sure every thing keeps running right with it, while it does not get a lot of use here as we are not boondocking.

Our's looks identicle to this one above, taken off the Onan Webb Site. Of course it is mounted in one of our compartments on the passenger side of the MH.

Tonight turned out to be great! We enjoyed a Park "Thank You, Dinner" at the Rec Hall... it is a pot luck affair, but the Park provides free refreshments, including pop, wine, beer, etc. It was a fantastick dinner!

Although we are losing people here on almost a daily basis now... lots of people came out to enjoy the pot luck dinner! Judy brought a big ole crock pot full of Swedish Meatballs... they are now all gone!

Judy spent the afternoon out in the Jeep doing some shopping for various items...

Looks like more rain here tonight maybe...

Till tomorrow...



  1. I like rainy days every once in a while. You can stay inside and not feel guilty about having to do something because it's so nice outside.

  2. Of course you know that doing a great job on cleaning a vehicle results in rain. You mentioned this yesterday and today it rains. You are a rain god!!! The growers will be raising a plague in your name soon.

  3. Sounds like a nice day overall; a bit of work, a bit of maintenance and a bit of fun. That's a pretty nice combo!

  4. sounds like you both made the most of the day!! Swedish Meatballs?..yummy!!

  5. Like you said wax the Jeep and it will rain, yep it did. But they are nice for a change too.

  6. Great turnout for your pot-luck dinner. I'd have been first in line for Judy's Swedish Meat Balls!

    A little rain is a welcome thing on occasion. I'd trade it for a day of wind anytime!