Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hey everyone... check out our new DIGS!

Like a lot of RV'ers, our plans are usually laid out in Jello... you know... make it up as you go along! A lot of our plans are made just like that, and that is the way we like it!

So yesterday comes along, and wow... are we ever ahead of the curve on these plans!

One major decision that we have made already this year, is the fact that we have enjoyed Florida so much this winter, we want more of it! What is not to like? The weather has been terrific all winter, and there is lots to see and do all the time!

We have also enjoyed our time in Winter Haven, which is pretty much smack dab in the middle of Florida. Very moderate climate, and easy access to anywhere in Florida, although I must admit we have not ventured too far north. There is an un-written rule in Florida, to stay below Orlando! We follow that rule!

For various reasons, another decision we came to, was that we will not be returning to Cypress Gardens RV and Campground, where we have stayed this winter. We have enjoyed our time here, but there are a few aspects of this Park that we would like to see different! So, one of the best features of our RV is that it has a set of wheels, and we will move on!

Yesterday, Judy and I fired up the motorcycles, and had a short list of about 4 or 5 Parks that we wanted to go and scout out! We made the rounds, and then it hit us, just like a rainbow!

We were about a 20 minute drive south of Winter Haven on Hwy. 27, and out of the blue, eagle eyed Judy found a sign to an RV Park up the 630A Side Road, which leads into Frost Proof. She passed this information to me about the sign over our Blue Tooth Wireless Headsets we use on our Motorcycles, and we made the turn. Well, we were kind of knocked off our feet!

This is a 500 unit RV/Park Model Park, and was built just back in 2000. This was an old Grapefruit Farm and is based on 50 acres of land. It is simply beautiful, and well laid out!

This is a big rig friendly park, and there is lots of room between the sites, so you are not on top of each other.


Above is the Office, and the Rec Hall. As you can see... lots of palm trees around here, and lots of grass!

There is a large pond up at the front of the park...

Judy fell in love with the wonderful pool,

while I was jumping up and down about a couple hot tubs!

Lots to do in this park, including bocci ball of course...

aand Judy will be able to beat me on the tennis court, and pickel ball courts!

And if that is not enough for you, there is always the game of laundry to play!

If I had to rate this Park out of 5, I would be giving it 5 1/2 for sure... real nice place. We chose to take a premium lot as well, to enhance our winter experience next year... check it out...

This Motorhome above is currently enjoying our lot, but will not be returning next year. This is a premium pull through lot, 90 feet long. This Park will allow your motorhome, your towed vehicle, and a trailer on these lots, so we can bring all our toys and have them with us right on our lot! Bonus! They have maintenance people to take care of that lawn you see to the left of the motorhome, as well as the palm trees.

This is the view of our utility side of our lot! We are looking forward to the big lot, and lots of extra room for our toys. This lot is fully cemented, including the patio... a real upgrade to what we have had this year.

So there you go, if you are looking for us next year, we won't be hard to find! You can check out this RV Park at this address Rainbow Resort

Till tomorrow...



  1. Thanks for sharing your new discovery. We also have decided that Florida is the ideal place to winter and are always on the lookout for a great park. We haven't tried central Florida yet, but plan to do so next year. The staying south of Orlando rule is a good guideline to follow.

  2. Winter Haven is my hometown! Chuck and I are trying to decide if we want to sell here in NM and move back to FL. We love the Apalachicola area of FL, up in the panhandle! This looks like a real fancy park for sure. Frostproof is a very nice area!

  3. Wow, that park looks really nice !!

    We want to check out Florida one day too, and are making notes.

    Take care guys ... Tnt

  4. Nice park and nice choice for next winter. You clearly have had a lovely winter in why not a repeat performance of that?

    Those nice, long, pull throughs are precisely what we like and strive to find too.

  5. Looks like a great place with everything you need right there.
    We have friends in an older Park in Frostproof with a park model trailer.
    Enjoy your new digs.

  6. Great looking park, John. Frostproof is a great name for a snowbird rv resort as well. Your site looks nice and big.

  7. Looks like a beauty spot! Love the name! I am glad that Ontario place names don't aim to be weather appropriate, although I do recall driving through a town named 'Misery'...