Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Keeping fit...

Judy has been involved for the past few weeks at the Park, with an exercise program called "Walk at Home"... she managed to convince me to get off my butt this morning and join the crowd.


Judy kept coming back to the RV telling me she walked "3 miles, or 4 miles, or even 5 mile".... I kind of said "ya ya..."

Well, we did the 3 mile walk today, and phew... you put in a major workout! You have to be in shape to keep up with Leslie! Judy likes this program so much, she ordered a series of the DVD's off of Amazon, and a new DVD Player so she can do the workout on our patio at the RV. Wow... are we going to be in shape now!

After the exercising was done... Judy gave me probably my last Florida buzz cut! Got to keep those ears lowered. I love her cutting my hair, as there is never a bill to pay! As soon as she finished, she charged off to the Mall beside us and had hers done! We are in shape now!

More exercise was on the agenda for this afternoon, as we headed out with the bicycles strapped on our Jeep, and we headed out to MacKay Gardens and Lakeside Preserve. This is a nice property on the shores of Lake Rochelle at Lake Albert, just north of Winter Haven. It looks like a nice waterfront property, that was donated to the Town to turn into a Park. There is hiking, bicycle trails, and canoes.


This house is part of the Park, and is being restored, but I am not sure of the signifigance of it... any thoughts on this anyone?

It turned out, a lot of the Park was for hiking only, but we got quite a bit of biking in anyways... there is a big new residential sub-division of homes across the road that never got built, so it is a big empty field with roads and street lights only... we biked around it.


We biked on one of the trails down to near the lake, and found a bamboo forest! Cool, you don't get these here all the time...

We put in a great ride, and then was time to load the bikes up on the Jeep and head for home...

However, before heading home, I wanted to take a look at the Winter Haven Airport, as we were right beside it. This is a smaller airport that serves the local area, and the smaller plane enthusiast


I was a bit surprised to see a Lear jet sitting on the tarmac... you need quite a bit of runway for one of these puppys...

We found this Model, sitting inside the terminal building... it was kind of neat, a little 4 seater cab, but very futuristic controls inside!

I enjoyed our visit, as I kind of love all things that fly, but I am not sure Judy was so enthused, but she kept a happy face for me. I was hoping to see some aircraft taking off or landing, but not to be this afternoon.

Till tomorrow...



  1. Hey John ... We thought you were still doing Richard Simmons "Sweating to the Oldies" !!

    Teresa and I are so impressed with just how active you and Judy are in the first place.

    It seems to us like you are off doing something nearly every day !!

    We love to see you guys squeeze every minute into something fun.

    You really are an inspiration to many of us ...

    PS - We miss you guys !!

    Take care ... TnT

  2. Always something to see and do, sure makes the days just slip away.

  3. A new buzz-cut and rock-hard abs! You better stay off the beach, John, or those Florida coeds will be chasing you across the sand!!

  4. I picked up a DVD of Leslie Sansone at Walmart a couple of years ago. She does give you a pretty intense workout. When I get my knee fixed I will be able to get back to her program too. Until then I have to stick to the pool.
    John said he was going to be a hot tamale by the time you guys get back. If he can keep up with you Judy he will be doing good. We look forward to seeing the results.
    Have a great weekend guys.

  5. That exercise regime reminds me of the Army style - Right/Left, Right/Left, etc. LOL.

    Seriously though, just moving around and about and getting exercise is a much needed thing to keep agile like the two of you are.