Saturday, March 9, 2013

Social Butterflies today...

Another great Florida day today, with temps up in the high 70's with a bunch of sun. We took life easy this morning, doing some exercises and computing. While I was out on a walk, I was amazed at how many empty spots are starting to show up in our Park... a lot of people have departed for the north already.

At lunch time we jumped in the Jeep, and headed over towards Tampa again... we had received an email from friends Nelson and Ann, who live in Midland, Ontario. They are down in Florida for a month, and had rented a house over in Seminole, which is south of Tampa.

It was not a great day to be around Tampa, as spring break is starting, and the traffic by the airport area was really heavy.


These homes are known as Villas here, and they are semi-detached. They have a great layout inside with lots of room... Also lots of open area with nice green grass around.

That is Nelson and Ann greeting Judy out front... Nelson took us on a tour of the common swimming pool and Club House for the Villas.


Above we are sitting out back on the patio. It was a nice afternoon to sit out and get caught up with Nelson and Ann, who we saw last back a year or so ago in Lake Havasu. They are good friends with David and Angela from Bracebridge... (Yes David, we did comment on the fact you were sitting up north in the snow...)

We enjoyed a fantastic spagetti dinner with Nelson and Ann tonight, and then had to shift the Jeep back into drive and head for Winter Haven.

Good to see you Nelson and Ann, thanks for dinner, and enjoy the rest of your holiday.

Till tomorrow...



  1. Snow what snow , Oh Ya that snow!

  2. Nice to have a visit with friends from back home and a great spaghetti dinner as well.

  3. Sounds like a great day with Spaghetti to boot.

  4. Always nice to visit with friends and Spaghetti even makes it better!

  5. nice to visit folks from home isn't it...and supper to boot...nice looking place they have