Wednesday, March 13, 2013

First was SNAKES!!!

Today was another great weather day here in Florida, so it was time to "do something" as Deb would say...

We decided on a motorcycle ride and hike to get the day going... just needed somewhere to go! Florida is full of State Parks... we have visited many, and found another one today.

We found a Park nice and close actually today, only about 30 klms. away. The Allen David Broussard Catfish Creek Preserve State Park... I think it wins the longest name award for State Parks.



Allen Broussard was a young wild life Biologist, who loved the outdoors, and nature. At only 19 years of age Dr.'s found he had Hodgin's Disease. He fought it and won. He was on holiday in the Lake Havasu area of Az. and suffered a heart attack at age 29. Turns out his heart was damaged by the Hodgin's Disease. He went home right away and had a heart transplant, but died 4 days after due to infection of the new heart. This State Park now bears his name, and is simply an awesome place.

It is very remote, and under developed. There are no big fancy buildings, or paved roads, or fancy RV parking sites... only lots of land, and room for a bunch of animals.

Here I am locking up my steering column on my Honda, in front of the only structure at this Park. This Park is really meant for hiking, and horse back riding!


This Park is a National Gold Award winner, not only once, but twice!

The firefighters have a complex out here, and also built a fire tower near the Park, to keep an eye out for smoke! There is lots of undergrowth here that would burn in a flash!

I started the hike with my sweater on... just not sure why... it got warm real quick!

These trails are all made of sand... the whole park is made of sand... it is quite deep in place, and a bit of a chore to walk through.

Small lakes are dotted all the way through the hiking trails... great for watering your horse I am sure! We found this egret having a drink and looking for some lunch.

Here I am laughing, as we receive a text message from Kristina, out in the middle of no where! I had more bars on my phone here, than I get at the RV Park... go figure!

As we are hiking happily along, I look back as Judy had squeeled! She is 6 feet up in the air, waving her hands, yelling SNAKE! I had walked over the snake on the trail, and Judy had stepped right beside it before it started slithering away... it was about 3 feet long, and thankfully, it did not "rattle"... We missed getting a picture of it... had to get our hearts back in our chests first. One thing for sure Rick... Paulette would have been running for the truck, and would have wanted to head back to B.C. We recovered, and kept out an eagle eye for any more of his brothers or sisters!


We made it the 2 1/2 miles back to the Statute of Allen Broussard.

This Park was foll of Scrub Jays... Judy caught this one above.

Judy thought maybe this was a Magnollia Tree in bloom... I am not sure.

We made it back to the Bikes, and enjoyed a nice drive back home through about a millions oranges, hanging in their trees. Had a great day.

Till tomorrow...



  1. I'm not a flower person but my sister had a tree that looked something like that and called it a Rose of Sharon ?

  2. the blooming tree looks more like a camelia I for coral snakes, they are native to florida and are most warning rattlers either...they are small colorful snakes,,,seen my first and only one years ago when my husband was working down there in your neck of the woods :) safe travels

  3. If Paulette reads this post, we'll never even get to Florida! She has serious snake-phobia and that experience would have certainly sent her running for the truck - screaming all the way!

  4. Just a side note: The entire Florida Park Syatem has won the Gold award twice,not just this one park.

    It is the only park system to do so in the country!!

    From a proud Floridian.

  5. Any reason to ride is a good one.

    That was an interesting story about Allen Broussard.

    With the high heats in Desert Hot Springs, the local snakes will be out for sure. Eyes on the ground, say I.

  6. Allen Broussard must have been Cajun. With that name AND catfish in the title.