Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hey... what about our weather???

Our nice sunny Florida weather turned very wet today! Pretty well much rained most of this morning, and part of this afternoon... however, FLORIDA needs it! It has been very dry here... so, we can't complain too much. Gives you a nice chance to take it easy for a day, and sometimes we do need that!

This morning I went over to help my neighbour with his remote control for his Cougar 5th Wheel. It was not working properly, and he wondered if it could be reset. Archie and Joyce are from New Brunswick, down enjoying the nice Florida weather. Archie and I spent an hour on the remote problem, and no luck at all. Looks to me like the main control panel does not have power, but we could not tell. He will take it back to his dealer in a month, so we let it be. He can operate everything from the inside control panel anyways.

Gwenny will be happy!

Well, her Mommy and Daddy will be too. Kristina ordered a new double stroller for Gwenny and her new Brother to be. She had it delivered to us in the park to bring back home this spring, so we checked it out to ensure all the parts were present, and they were! It is now in our motorcycle trailer, safe from all the rain, and ready for transport back to Ontario.

Blogging a bit early today, as I am going over to our local Church for a Men's Dinner tonight. They are cooking fish, "Key West Style" . Now, if only I knew what that meant! Will let you know.

Judy is heading out to dinner with the Ladies, who are all going to the local Olive Garden. Busy night!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Sounds like you're getting the rain we had last week-end. Now we're headed for record highs so hopefully we can send those on to you shortly also.

  2. You are in rain and we are in bright sunshine with +90 temperatures here in Yuma, AZ.

    Rain is good though...and those kind of days do make for a nice break in activities.

  3. No rain here, we have had our share all winter.
    "Key West style" sounds interesting hope you take pictures.

  4. Fish or the Olive Garden? I think I'd have to go with Judy!!

    Gwenny should love that stroller to show her little brother the sights on their walks.