Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Key West all over again!

Well we are back home tonight from Key West... had a great time...

Never actually got around to doing up a blog during the trip, just too busy, too tired, having too much fun... you know... basically slacking off again!

I have a bunch of pictures of the different things we did and saw, and will not try to do a great big huge blog to tell you about it all... will just hit the highlights of the trip.


On this trip we decided to base ourselves out of Marathon Shores, on Marathon Key. It is about 1/2 way down the chain of Keyes. The Siesta Hotel was only OK to stay at... really I was not impressed, only because you have to pay so much for accomodations in the Keyes, and you do not get much Hotel. Nuff said, won't dwell on the Hotel, as we really only slept there.


We stayed in this secondary building to our Motel, and got to park the machines right out front.

The weather was not typical Florida weather for this trip, other than Sunday when we drove down. It was 85 degrees and really hot, but we survived. The rest of the trip, the temperatures were down a bit, mid 70's, but we had a lot of Key West Wind!

The night we arrived, we took a walk through the area behind our Motel, and there were beautiful homes, on a canal that led to the Atlantic Ocean... these were Million Plus Homes, with boats to match.


The first full day there, we drove right down to Key West, about an hours drive south for us. We got parked on a road, and walked about a mile downtown. It was a nice day, bit breezy, but warm enough for shorts.


We enjoyed a walk down Duval Street, where all the action is, and ended up on the waterfront later in the afternoon, when it started to cool down.

Charter Fishing is a big industry in Key West in boats like above... we walked down to the Dock area and had dinner.

Above is a tarpin fish, and some pellicans who are enjoying food from a local restaurant at 4:00 each afternoon. The restaurant draws a large crowd as they feed the fish... there were lots of them.

Above is our walk around the board walk area...

We made it down to the famous "90 miles to Cuba" sign... lots of people were lined up to get a pic.

The second day we were on the Keyes, John and Pat had interest in going to see The Dolphin Research Center. I have blogged about this place before, and will not bore you with a bunch of pictures of Flipper again... We had a good time, and it is very easy to spend 1/2 a day at this great spot!

We took a walk down to Sombrero Beach. This is a great "free" public beach, but it was cool, as you can tell by the sweaters...

Of course, leave it to Judy to spot an off shore Manatee swimming by... he was big!

Today we drove back home through the Everglades... visited the Welcome Center and had to get a Gator pic for you! He was a big one!

Here is a view of the famous 7 Mile Long Bridge heading south out of Marathon... we were at a Restaurant having dinner when I took this one...

Told you so... this is the Restaurant. We sat outside by a big pool...

Anyways... that gives you an idea of how our trip went.

Pat and John are up in St. Pete's tonight, staging their flight home on Friday morning. It was a pretty quick week, but got a lot done! See you back in the Homeland Guys!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Awesome trip! Lovely photos to prove it too.

  2. Too bad about the weather in the Keys, but was still a fun time for you guys.

  3. Thanks for the great pics and tour of the Keys! It just might be the only time I get to see them.

    Way too many gators in Florida!

  4. Great pictures! I love Key West! Good timing on the dolphin flying out of the water.