Saturday, March 2, 2013

We are not done with Key West yet!

Key West was certainly a great trip that we really enjoyed. We had great weather, and spent lots of time touring around...

On the Tuesday that we were there, we decided to spend the afternoon out on a snorkelling adventure. All of us brought our gear, and were chomping at the bit to use it! The Key's offer a lot of good snorkelling spots.

We left at 1:30 in the afternoon, and that is our snorkelling party boat, on the left... yes, that is the Carnival Ship in the background. "Fury" is the name of the Company that offered our tour. They were excellent, with the Staff fully trained, and knew just what to do and when!

Here we are waiting in the nice Florida temperatures, gear in hand, ready to snorkel!

Above you can see an internet picture of the catamaran that we were on for our tour! Simply an excellent boat for this purpose, with stairs that led right down to the water for you to walk off...

Here we are getting our gear all set and ready, as we head out to the site. They could not take us to the primary site, as there were 3 foot waves on the Ocean that day, but the secondary site on the Gulf was nice and calm, great for snorkelling.

We say good bye to Key West above, as we head out on our 3 hour tour.... wait, is that Gilligan over there???

Deb was checking for Sharks as we headed out, but all was good!


While it was a nice warm day, the Gulf was around 74 deg. and they recomended we use wet suits... here Deb and I look great after fighting to get into the crazy things... hey! They work!


We got to snorkel for a little over an hour, and had a great time... only thing is, we had no way to take any pictures... I borrowed a couple pics off of Fury's website, to give you an idea of what it was like...

Look how happy Judy and Debbie are above... they are with "SB"... or Snorkel Boy for short! This guy helped us out on the tour, and was one of the bartenders on the return trip. They give the passengers free drinks on the way home! They wanted him to come to dinner with us, but Gerard and I drew the line there!

Had lots of fun on this tour, and would do it again in a minute!

Till tomorrow...



  1. I have only been snorkelling once. I loved it but not sure I will do it again. I was much, much younger then.

  2. That is such an amazing snorkelling day. We did that same tour (on the Fury) 20 years ago this July on our Honeymoon!
    That was on a stopover on the Carnival cruise ship.

  3. The fun continues in the Key West. We carry fond memories of our time there.

    Snorkeling there is a treat. Enjoy!