Sunday, March 3, 2013

Kissimmee State Park Tour...

Well, we are are pretty well done with the Key West part of the week. When we got back up to Winter Haven from Key West on Wednesday, you think we would have taken life easy on Thursday... but no way! We had more to do.

We had made a reservation on Thursday to go over to the Kissimmee State Park and take the Segway Tour! What a blast!

The Tour is provided by a local Company, called Backtrail Adventures. They provide a 90 minute tour, which involves a 20 minute training session on the Segway before you hit the trail. Our guide Jeff did a great job getting us all rolling on a beautiful afternoon.

Right after we arrived, we started checking out the machines... ya, look at the size of the tires! They were meant for off roading!

I was the first to get going with Jeff... we all wore helmets and had a nice walkie talkie system so Jeff could speak to us all on the tour.


Before long, I was just a zipping around the parking lot in the Park... set to go!


Gerard was soon ripping up the parking lot with me during the training session.

We ended up touring for about 90 minutes in the Park, from one end to another... we also got to take in Lake Kissimmee, in the background above. While we stopped, Jeff tour our Group Photo, which included a Gentlemen from Maryland who joined our Tour. You cannot take pictures while you are driving on a Segway, so you won't see any! Safe to say, we had an amazing tour through the Park. The Segway is a lot of fun to drive... you just sort of lean in the direction you want it to go... lots of fun.


The Park had scheduled a "perscribed burn" on the day we were there... you can see the Rangers above getting the fire going...

Things soon started heating up, as they get rid of the undergrowth in the Park... they do this on a regular basis now.

Yes, that is Gerard and I up on the watch tower they built in the Park... we were checking out the fire.

Here we are, all on top of the tower, with the fire in the background.

As we were leaving, Deb wanted to go for a swim, but then came across the sign above... so much for swimming! (Yes, there was a couple gators there!)

Till tomorrow...



  1. Those segways sure sound like a lot of fun, and a nice too to go with it as well.

  2. I'm sure those Segways were a hoot to ride. I can't wait to try one out sometime.

  3. Well, that's a first - a Segway tour! Looks like fun. I'll still be amazed if you get out of Florida without being eaten by a Gator - they're everywhere!