Thursday, March 7, 2013

Clean up day...

After a few cool days, we finally got back up into the 70's here in Winter Haven today, with nothing but blue sky and lots of sun! Kinda nice...

Not much on the go today at all... clean up day as it turned out... we have been using the motorcycles a bit lately, and when you do that, guess what, they have to be cleaned.

You cannot wash anything when the sun is shinning down here... so I used our own personal motorcycle garage here at the RV... lots of shade behind our sun screens, just perfect for working on the motorcycles... did both of them.

Judy did not want to hang around and clean anything it seems, so she took off in the Jeep and headed down Hwy 27 to Kohl's Dept. Store. This has always been one of her favourite stores, and back at Christmas Time, we received a nice gift card from Shawn and Jenn and the kids, so it was time to put it to use! All I can say, is a lot of merchandise came back home from Kohl's today!


This picture above is for Deb... just to remind her there is more to life than snow... She is home in Waterloo now, and emailed the picture below to us this morning from her back yard! It seems she had to come to Florida to climb through a tree that fell on the trail in front of us... rather than a tree that was full of snow!

Enjoy all your snow Deb! Tell Gerard to keep watching the Leafs... it is working!

Till tomorrow...



  1. I love shopping at Kohl's too. Hope you found some great bargains.

  2. The bike looks clean. Good plan to use the screened off area for the wash jobs.

    It's good to take a day off, once in a while, to do those clean up jobs.

  3. The photo of the snow covered trees is beautiful - as long as it's a photo far, far away!!

  4. I could have gone out and climbed into the trees in the backyard, but then I'd have to "do something". (Inside joke for those who read this blog.)